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74 Geese, Tree, Apple, Leaves Every angel is terrifying. —Rainer Maria Rilke Suppose you’re blind, and so you can’t see the broken necklace of geese sailing the sky, then tilt up your face and listen as their honking riles the air. And if somehow you’re going deaf as well, the cries of geese receding on the wind, then lay your hand on bark to feel the wind that sways the apple tree. Or if you can’t feel the tree, then pick and eat one perfect apple, or failing that, as rain gets out its knives smell the fall, swift-falling in the leaves. But oh, if all is growing dark, the darkness swallowing up the tree, its apples, leaves, and geese, and if you think a hawk is circling in the final autumn air, then let the splendid angel come, my friend, to read your rights to you, quicksilver angel, angel of snow, the lover who has waited all your life at your elbow. —For Carol Thomson Illinois Poetry Series Laurence Lieberman, Editor History Is Your Own Heartbeat Michael S. Harper (1971) The Foreclosure Richard Emil Braun (1972) The Scrawny Sonnets and Other Narratives Robert Bagg (1973) The Creation Frame Phyllis Thompson (1973) To All Appearances: Poems New and Selected Josephine Miles (1974) The Black Hawk Songs Michael Borich (1975) Nightmare Begins Responsibility Michael S. Harper (1975) The Wichita Poems Michael Van Walleghen (1975) Images of Kin: New and Selected Poems Michael S. Harper (1977) Poems of the Two Worlds Frederick Morgan (1977) Cumberland Station Dave Smith (1977) Tracking Virginia R. Terris (1977) Riversongs Michael Anania (1978) On Earth as It Is Dan Masterson (1978) Coming to Terms Josephine Miles (1979) Death Mother and Other Poems Frederick Morgan (1979) Goshawk, Antelope Dave Smith (1979) Local Men James Whitehead (1979) Searching the Drowned Man Sydney Lea (1980) With Akhmatova at the Black Gates Stephen Berg (1981) Dream Flights Dave Smith (1981) More Trouble with the Obvious Michael Van Walleghen (1981) The American Book of the Dead Jim Barnes (1982) The Floating Candles Sydney Lea (1982) Northbook Frederick Morgan (1982) Collected Poems, 1930–83 Josephine Miles (1983; reissue, 1999) The River Painter Emily Grosholz (1984) Healing Song for the Inner Ear Michael S. Harper (1984) The Passion of the Right-Angled Man T. R. Hummer (1984) Dear John, Dear Coltrane Michael S. Harper (1985) Poems from the Sangamon John Knoepfle (1985) In It Stephen Berg (1986) The Ghosts of Who We Were Phyllis Thompson (1986) Moon in a Mason Jar Robert Wrigley (1986) Lower-Class Heresy T. R. Hummer (1987) Poems: New and Selected Frederick Morgan (1987) Furnace Harbor: A Rhapsody of the North Country Philip D. Church (1988) Bad Girl, with Hawk Nance Van Winckel (1988) Blue Tango Michael Van Walleghen (1989) Eden Dennis Schmitz (1989) Waiting for Poppa at the Smithtown Diner Peter Serchuk (1990) Great Blue Brendan Galvin (1990) What My Father Believed Robert Wrigley (1991) Something Grazes Our Hair S. J. Marks (1991) Walking the Blind Dog G. E. Murray (1992) The Sawdust War Jim Barnes (1992) The God of Indeterminacy Sandra McPherson (1993) Off-Season at the Edge of the World Debora Greger (1994) Counting the Black Angels Len Roberts (1994) Oblivion Stephen Berg (1995) To Us, All Flowers Are Roses Lorna Goodison (1995) Honorable Amendments Michael S. Harper (1995) Points of Departure Miller Williams (1995) Dance Script with Electric Ballerina Alice Fulton (reissue, 1996) To the Bone: New and Selected Poems Sydney Lea (1996) Floating on Solitude Dave Smith (3-volume reissue, 1996) Bruised Paradise Kevin Stein (1996) Walt Whitman Bathing David Wagoner (1996) Rough Cut Thomas Swiss (1997) Paris Jim Barnes (1997) The Ways We Touch Miller Williams (1997) The Rooster Mask Henry Hart (1998) The Trouble-Making Finch Len Roberts (1998) Grazing Ira Sadoff (1998) Turn Thanks Lorna Goodison (1999) Traveling Light: Collected and New Poems David Wagoner (1999) Some Jazz a While: Collected Poems Miller Williams (1999) The Iron City John Bensko (2000) Songlines in Michaeltree: New and Collected Poems Michael S. Harper (2000) Pursuit of a Wound Sydney Lea (2000) The Pebble: Old and New Poems Mairi MacInnes (2000) Chance Ransom Kevin Stein (2000) House of Poured-Out Waters Jane Mead (2001) The Silent Singer: New and Selected Poems Len Roberts (2001) The Salt Hour J. P. White (2001) Guide to the Blue Tongue Virgil Suárez (2002) The House of Song David Wagoner (2002) X = Stephen Berg (2002) Arts of a Cold Sun G. E. Murray (2003...


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