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Deepest thanks to all the people of Antonito—to everyone who gave a hello or a welcoming smile, change at the cash register, mail or DVDs, gas or haircuts, baseball coaching or refereeing, delicious meals, good talk, friendship, and insight. Very special thanks to the women who participated in this study, spent countless hours in conversation with me, and allowed me to tape record their stories. Several people in Antonito read this manuscript in one of its previous incarnations: thanks to them for support and advice. I also wish to thank the anonymous reviewers for the University of Texas Press. My friends and colleagues Meredith Abarca and Melissa Salazar put aside their own work to read a draft at a critical moment and have been inspirational scholars. Thanks to Tammy Lopez and Adams State College, Kathi Figgen and Leonard Velasquez for their insights on the San Luis Valley and their friendship, and Mary Romero for suggesting the San Luis Valley. Millersville University generously afforded me a sabbatical leave, and the Faculty Grants Committee has offered consistent support. The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education gave me a released time grant, and the National Endowment for the Humanities awarded me a 2005–2006 fellowship for the writing of this book thanks to the support of Stanley Brandes and Pat Zavella. Charles Geiger of the Millersville University Geo-Graphics Lab made the maps. Theresa May and the University of Texas Press were patient while I rewrote and rewrote and rewrote. Last, I give deep thanks to Jim Taggart for comradeship and steadfastness on the wild ride. A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S Counihan_2PP.indd XV Counihan_2PP.indd XV 8/20/09 10:15:19 AM 8/20/09 10:15:19 AM THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK A T O R T I L L A I S L I K E L I F E Counihan_2PP.indd 1 Counihan_2PP.indd 1 8/20/09 10:15:19 AM 8/20/09 10:15:19 AM THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK ...


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