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Acknowledgments A mere set of acknowledgments seems a small offering in return for the help others gave in the shaping of this book. But until my well comes in, it will have to do. First, there is Judy, who typed and retyped and retyped again, with few complaints about my inability to get it right the fourth or fifth time. It all would have been impossible without her. Several who still live in the Angelina country deserve special mention . My mother, Versie, supported me with encouragement and information and corrected me when my memory failed. To her excellent recall goes the credit for reconstructing events and circumstances in the lives of Corbett, Fannie, and others before my time. My father, Boose, and brother, Jack, told stories by action and words. By simply being themselves, they remembered how it was and showed how it still is among the rural men in that country. My sister-in-law, Darlene, is the XIV Acknowledr;menfs finest example I know of a woman who knows about the old ways of making do. Literary critics made a major difference. Mary Schlentz told me when the words and images were right and when they weren't. She knows that a good critic says no more than yes. Peter Lent read the entire first-draft manuscript and put me back on track where I had jumped it. Sam said yes and no in useful places, andJudy offered commentary almost daily. Two individuals who work in East Texas's woods deserve special mention. Dan Lay set this effort in motion, though it eventually chose a path of its own. He provided information and instruction by way of written material, discussion, and critiques of draft material. Bob Little spent a day showing me the way modern logging operations work. Several others helped, sometimes unknowingly. Virginia Marshall preserved the story ofthe Grahams' trip to Rising Star, as told by Sadie Graham Marshall, who made the trip. Francis Abernethy gave me information and encouragement. Paul Martin liked the mammoth story. Kathy Stapp loaned me books on LyndonJohnson. Jed cheered me on and told me of his own manuscript, which I hope he someday finishes. Circling Back ...


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