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ix TABLES 2.1 Contribution of Fisheries to GDP and Nutrition in Asian countries 2.2 Annual Per Capita Expenditure on Fish and its Share of Total Expenditure on Food and Animal Protein 3.1 Inland and Marine Fisheries Production in 2005 and 2006, in t/yr 3.2 Comparison of Fishing and Non-fishing Households by Income and Consumption 3.3 Tonle Sap Great Lake region: Changes in Population Size and Fish Catch, 1940 to 1996 4.1 Trends in Per Capita Annual Fish Consumption by Source in Selected Asian Countries 4.2 Projected Growth of the Output of Fresh Fish, 2005-2020, by Country 4.3. Projected Growth in Fish Consumption and Consumption Per capita, 2005–2020, by country 4.4 Projected Growth of Fish Exports and Imports, 2005–2020, by Country 4.5 Scenario of Higher Productivity of Freshwater Aquaculture: Deviations from Baseline Growth Rate, 2005–2020, by Country 4.6 Scenario of Higher Productivity of High-value Fish in Aquaculture: Deviations from Baseline, 2005–2020, by Country 5.1 World Production, Consumption, and Trade of Fish and Other Marine Products 5.2 Contribution of Agriculture and Fisheries Sector to GDP, 2003 5.3 Total Value and Shares of Agricultural Import and Exports in ASEAN, 2004 5.4 Intra-ASEAN Exports and Imports for Top 3 Fisheries Products and Market Shares 17 25 42 44 45 54 64 66 67 68 69 79 80 81 82 Fisheries&Poverty book.indb 9 10/28/08 3:32:14 PM x 5.5 Number of Product Lines in the Negative List of Member Countries, March 2006 6.1 Major Freshwater Aquaculture Technologies in Southeast Asia 6.2 Marine Finfish Farming Technology in Southeast Asia 6.3 Inputs and Outputs Used by Freshwater Fish Producers in Southeast Asia 6.4 Cost and Returns of Freshwater Fish Production in Southeast Asia 6.5 Costs and Returns of Monoculture of Fish in Brackishwater in Southeast Asia 6.6 Factor Shares and Investment Needs of Freshwater Aquaculture in Southeast Asia 6.7 Factor shares and Investment Needs in Brackishwater Aquaculture in Southeast Asia 6.8 Level of Motorisation and CPUE Values by Fishing Gear in Southeast Asia 6.9 Costs and Returns of Marine Capture Fisheries in Southeast Asia 7.1 Fisheries Production of Southeast Asia, 2004 7.2 Inland Waters of Selected Southeast Asian Countries 7.3 Aquaculture Productivities of Selected Southeast Asian Countries 8.1 Five Types of Global Value Chain Governance 8.2 Three Determinants of Value Chain Governance 8.3 Value Chain Governance is Based On Transaction Complexity, Codifiability, and Supply-Base Capabilities 8.4 Value-Added and Wages As a Percentage of the Export Retail Value 8.5 Characteristics of Seafood Value Chains 8.6 The Impacts of Increasing Requirements of the Seafood Supply Chain on Chain Governance 9.1 Accomplishments of Past Aquaculture Lending Programs, 2003-2005 9.2 Accomplishments of the DPM Program, 2006 10.1 Remaining Estimated Biomass of Demersal Fisheries in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand 10.2 Coral Reef Extent and Relative Threat Status as Determined In 2002 10.3 Summary of Coral Reef Status in Southeast Asia for all Countries Combined 89 109 110 112 114 115 116 117 119 120 128 130 132 151 152 152 158 165 166 194 194 204 206 206 Fisheries&Poverty book.indb 10 10/28/08 3:32:14 PM xi 10.4 Change in Mangrove Coverage in Southeast Asia Since Early Estimates Made 10.5 Economic, Demographic and Fisheries Data of Selected Countries 10.6 Potential Sustainable Annual Economic Net Benefits Per km2 of Healthy Coral Reefs in Southeast Asia 10.7 Total Annual National Economic Benefits Derived from Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Mangroves in the Philippines, 1996 11.1 Case Study Situations 12.1 The Mekong River Basin (MRB) and its Component Countries 12.2 Marine Catch from the Sulu-Sulawesi Sea, by Species Group, 1992-2002 12.3 Selected Socioeconomic Indicators, BIMP, 2002 208 209 211 212 242 264 266 267 Fisheries&Poverty book.indb 11 10/28/08 3:32:14 PM ...


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