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vii FIGURES 1.1 Flow of Product and Value in Aquatic Resource Systems 3.1 Map of Cambodia Highlighting Tonle Sap Lake 5.1 Share in ASEAN Fish Export, 2004 5.2 ASEAN Fishery Export by Type, 2004 5.3 Trend in ASEAN Fish Exports 7.1 Marine Capture for Southeast Asian Countries 8.1 Five Global Value Chain Governance Types 8.2 Seafood Supply Chain 8.3 Seafood Value Chain in Developed Countries 8.4 Seafood Value Chain in Developing Countries 9.1 Financial Assistance Scheme with Bank as Channeling Agent 9.2 Financial Assistance Scheme with Bank as Executing Agent 10.1 Southeast Asian Countries All Have Coasts Except for Laos 10.2 The Trends in Estimated Total Biomass from the Scientific Trawl Surveys in the Gulf of Thailand. 10.3 Average CPUE since 1940s for Fishers Using Hook-and-Line from Six Provinces in the Philippines 10.4 The Frequency of Exploitation Ratios for Demersal Fish Stocks Based on Length Frequency Analyses 10.5 Schematic Representation of the ‘Malthusian Overfishing’ Model of Pauly, 1997 10.6 Relative Number of Fishers in Small and Large Scale Operations and their Catch, Use of Fuel and Discarded Catch 10.7 Transition of Authority for Coastal Management from Central to Local Government and Implementations Through Time 10.8 Five-phase Integrated Coastal Management Planning Process Adapted for Philippine Local Government 10.9 Institutions Affecting Coastal Management in the Philippines 11.1 Various Characteristics of Rights-based Management Systems 11.2 Different Approaches to Management 12.1 Map of the Mekong River Basin 12.2 Map of the Sulu-Sulawesi Sea 3 40 83 83 84 131 153 154 156 162 193 194 201 202 203 204 213 214 216 217 218 237 240 264 266 Fisheries&Poverty book.indb 7 10/28/08 3:32:14 PM viii Fisheries&Poverty book.indb 8 10/28/08 3:32:14 PM This page intentionally left blank. ...


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