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v CONTENTS Figures Tables Foreword Acknowledgments 1 Introduction and Synthesis Roehlano M. Briones and Arnulfo G. Garcia 2 Fish and the Poor Robert Arthur and Natasja Sheriff 3 Fish and the Poor: The Case of Cambodia Nao Thuok and Lieng Sopha 4 Changing Demand and Supply Structure of Fish in Asia: Past Trends and Future Projections Madan M. Dey 5 Regional Economic Integration of the Fisheries Sector in ASEAN Countries Robert Pomeroy, Yolanda T. Garcia, Madan M. Dey and Len R. Garces 6 Technology Policies for Capture Fisheries and Aquaculture in Southeast Asia Pongpat Boonchuwong and Patricia Casal 7 The Status, Current Trends and Future Directions for Production and Technology of Fisheries in Southeast Asia Rafael D. Guerrero vii ix xii xiii 1 15 39 51 75 107 127 Fisheries&Poverty book.indb 5 10/28/08 3:32:13 PM vi 8 The Seafood Supply Chain and Poverty Reduction Run Yu, Lotus E. Kam and PingSun Leung 9 Strategy for the Empowerment of Aquaculture Fish Farmers in Indonesia Anto Sunaryanto and Reza Shah Pahlevi 10 Status of Coastal and Marine Resources: Implications for Fisheries Management and Poverty in Southeast Asia Alan T. White 11 Property Rights and Institutional Arrangements in Southeast Asian Fisheries Rebecca Metzner 12 Regional Cooperation in Aquatic Resource Management for Southeast Asia Roehlano M. Briones, Mahfuzuddin Ahmed, and Roberta V. Gerpacio 145 189 199 233 261 Fisheries&Poverty book.indb 6 10/28/08 3:32:13 PM ...


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