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| vii Contents Foreword ix THE LET’S READ LINGUISTIC APPROACH Introduction by Cynthia A. Barnhart and Robert K. Barnhart 3 Teaching Children to Read by Leonard Bloomfield 21 LET’S LOOK 47 LET’S READ I. First Reading Guide to Lessons 1–36 59 Lessons 1–36 65 Word-attack: A List of Multisyllable Words 113 II. Easy Reading Guide to Lessons 37–71 125 Lessons 37–71 129 III. More Easy Reading Guide to Lessons 72–97 183 Lessons 72–97 187 co n ten ts viii | IV. The Commonest Irregular Words Guide to Lessons 98–151 225 Lessons 98–151 229 V. The Commonest Irregular Vowel Spelling Patterns Guide to Lessons 152–199 327 Lessons 152–199 331 VI. The Commonest Irregular Consonant Spelling Patterns Guide to Lessons 200–245 403 Lessons 200–245 407 Index to the Let’s Read Vocabulary 467 About the Authors 501 ...


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