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manuscripts can tell us specifically about James Joyce and more generally about the mysteries and marvels of human creativity. Appendix 2. Extant Manuscripts for Ulysses as of Summer 2002 A Chart In trying to assess the changes in the archive of Ulysses manuscripts as a result of the National Library of Ireland’s acquisition of new materials in 2002 and the “Circe” and “Eumaeus” documents that surfaced in the two previous years, I prepared a chart that compares the state of the archive up to 2000 with that from after the National Library’s announcement of its new collection . To make this chart as complete as possible, for each extant document I’ve indicated its present location, its catalog number if one exists, and any published photoreproductions or transcriptions. A manuscript in the National Library is labeled with the abbreviation “NLI” and the library’s manuscript number. This chart fills in and supplements the episode-by-episode list of extant manuscripts that I provided in James Joyce’s Manuscripts: An Index. Documents that existed before 2000 are designated by regular type, and those that have come to light since that date are in boldface type. An arrow indicates that a document leads directly to the next extant stage. A document ’s position in a column indicates its approximate place in the composition sequence for an episode: the columns are subject to small and large corrections and do not indicate relationships between manuscripts for different episodes. The chart covers the documents for Joyce’s work on each episode up to the Rosenbach Manuscript. At some point during his work on each episode he produced a final working draft or fair copy, and from that point on his revisions function almost exclusively to refine and especially to augment the episode’s existing shape. The Rosenbach Manuscript is the extant docu- Table 1. Extant Manuscripts for Ulysses as of Summer 2002 NOTES Alphabetical Notebook (Cornell item 25; Archive 7:109–56; Workshop 92–105—partially used for Ulysses) / NLI 36,639/3 Buffalo VIII.A.5 (Archive 12:129–66; Notes and Early Drafts 11–33) British Library 49975 (Archive 12:2–95; Notesheets) Buffalo V.A.2 (Archive 12:97–125; Notes and Early Drafts 55–118) /NLI 36,639/4, NLI 36,639/5/A, NLI 36,639/5/B TELEMACHUS Rosenbach MS NESTOR Rosenbach MS PROTEUS NLI 36,639/7/A Buffalo V.A.3 (Archive 12:238–58) → Rosenbach MS CALYPSO Rosenbach MS LOTUS EATERS [lost final draft] / Rosenbach MS HADES [lost final draft] / Rosenbach MS AEOLUS [lost final draft] / Rosenbach MS LESTRYGONIANS [lost final draft] / Rosenbach MS SCYLLA AND CHARYBDIS [LaHune item 254; Slocum item 5.b.iii—now lost] NLI 36,639/8/A–C [lost final draft] / Rosenbach MS WANDERING ROCKS Rosenbach MS SIRENS NLI 36,639/7/A NLI 36,639/9/; Buffalo V.A.5 (Archive 13:32–56) [lost final draft] / Rosenbach MS CYCLOPS Buffalo V.A.8 (Archive 13:83–132; Notes and Early Drafts 152–77) / NLI 36,639/10 → Buffalo V.A.6 (Archive 13:134a–h; Notes and Early Drafts 178–87) Rosenbach MS NAUSICAA Buffalo V.A.10 (Archive 13:175–214) /Cornell 56A–B (Archive 13:215–44) [lost final draft] / Rosenbach MS Extant Manuscript for Ulysses as of Summer 2002 201 OXEN OF THE SUN Buffalo V.A.11–12 (Archive 14:5–56) / NLI 36,639/11/ A–B → Buffalo V.A.13–18 (Archive 14:59–132) / NLI 36,639/11/C-F Cornell (uncatalogued; draft of pp. 61–65; Archive 14:135–39) → pp. 61–66 of Rosenbach MS [lost final draft] / Rosenbach MS CIRCE Buffalo V.A.19 (Archive 14:201–59; Notes and Early Drafts 191–249) → NLI 36,639/12 → NLI 35,958 (Quinn MS) Rosenbach MS EUMAEUS ”Eumeo” (current location unknown) → Buffalo V.A.21 (Archive 15:321–68) Rosenbach MS ITHACA NLI 36,639/13 Rosenbach MS PENELOPE NLI 36,639/14 Rosenbach MS /Buffalo V.A.22 (Archive 16:293–97) ment representing the final-working-draft/fair-copy stage, but it is problematic , since only part of it is the working draft used by the typist for the next stage, whereas the other part is a fair copy which perhaps Joyce made from the working draft in order to sell John Quinn a better looking manuscript.1 When the Rosenbach Manuscript is the document that was used to prepare an episode’s typescript, I have listed...


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