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Acknowledgments Much of “Ulysses” in Focus began as talks and lectures at various conferences, universities, and other organizations, and I thank the many people, unfortunately too numerous to mention individually here, who invited me to lecture and accepted my proposals for conference papers. I also thank the editors of the journals and books in which the original versions of these chapters were published: Louis Armand, Michael Basinski, Wayne Chapman, Nicholas Fargnoli, Daniel Ferrer, Michael Patrick Gillespie, Almuth Grésillon, Sebastian Knowles, Sean Latham, Geert Lernout, Morton Levitt, Roger Lüdeke, James Maynard, John McCourt, Catherine Paul, Molly Peacock, Jean-Michel Rabaté, Christopher Ricks, Peter Stoicheff, Thomas Staley, Wolfgang Streit, Andrew Taylor, Cristina Urchueguía, and Hugh Witemeyer . I thank the English Department at the University of Western Ontario for its continued support, both on this book and throughout my career over the past thirty-five years, and in particular the various department chairs under whom I’ve worked: Tom Collins, Patrick Deane, the late Paul Gaudet, Douglas Kneale, Jan Plug, Russell Poole, Alan Somerset, and the late Jim Woodruff. Work on this book was greatly helped by a research grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and publication was aided by a grant from the J. B. Smallman Research Fund of the University of Western Ontario’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities. I very much appreciate the three readers’ reports that the University Press of Florida solicited, one from Florida James Joyce series editor Sebastian Knowles and two from anonymous reviewers, and also the work of copy editor Jonathan Lawrence. A writer could not ask for more careful and critical but also sympathetic and supportive help than I’ve received from these four people. I am also grateful for the efforts of acquiring editor Amy Gorelick, project editor Jacqueline Kinghorn Brown, rights and permissions manager Heather Turci, and sales and marketing assistant Ale Gasso at the Press. Any errors or infelicities that remain in this book despite the best efforts of all these people are mine alone. For help in large and small ways on the chapters in this book, and for general and specific suggestions and encouragement, I am grateful to Stephen Adams, Louis Armand, Ruth Bauerle, Murray Beja, Mark Bernstein, Robert Bertholf, Ted Bishop, Jay David Bolter, Zack Bowen, Austin Briggs, Robert Cailliau, Luca Crispi, Vincent Deane, Jed Deppman, Nicholas Fargnoli, Mark Feltham, Daniel Ferrer, Anne Fogarty, Michael Gillespie, Eric Halpern , Colleen Jaurretche, Ellen Carol Jones, Michael Joyce, Christopher Keep, Sean Latham, John Lavagnino, Vicki Mahaffey, Timothy Martin, Paul Meahan , Jesse Meyers, Ed Mulhall, Hans-Harald Müller, Adrienne O’Henly, Paul Saint-Amour, Bunny Serlin, Carol Shloss, Sam Slote, James Henry Spohrer, Robert Spoo, Wim van Mierlo, and Michelle Witen. No printed thanks can ever adequately acknowledge the importance that Molly Peacock has had in this book and in my life. I dedicate “Ulysses” in Focus to her with gratitude, awe, and love. xii Acknowledgments ...


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