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Contents Acknowledgments vii Introduction 1 1. Becoming (and Being) a Catholic Historian 7 philip gleason 2. Personal Landscapes of Catholicism: From East to West 31 anne m. butler 3. Homecoming: Finding a Catholic Hermeneutic 49 david emmons 4. In Search of Chicano Catholic Identity and History 82 mario t. garcía 5. Deeply Within: Catholicism, Faith, and History 98 nick salvatore 6. The Blessed Virgin Made Me a Socialist: An Experiment in Catholic Autobiography and the Historical Understanding of Race and Class 117 james r. barrett 7. Lost at the Drive-In 148 maureen fitzgerald 01.i-x_1-198_Salv.indd 5 11/3/06 9:54:52 AM 8. Utraque Unum: Finding My Way as a Catholic and a Historian 165 joseph a. mccartin Contributors 187 Index 191 01.i-x_1-198_Salv.indd 6 11/3/06 9:54:52 AM ...