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Foreword by Olga Villa Parra ix Introduction xiii PART I SOURCES, THOUGHT, AND PRAXIS OF LATINA FEMINIST INSIGHT 1 CHAPTER 1 michelle a. gonzález 3 Seeing Beauty within Torment: Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and the Baroque in New Spain CHAPTER 2 teresa delgado 23 Prophesy Freedom: Puerto Rican Women’s Literature as a Source for Latina Feminist Theology CHAPTER 3 gail pérez 53 Ana Castillo as Santera: Reconstructing Popular Religious Praxis CHAPTER 4 leticia a. guardiola-sáenz 80 Reading from Ourselves: Identity and Hermeneutics among Mexican-American Feminists CHAPTER 5 anna adams 98 Perception Matters: Pentecostal Latinas in Allentown, Pennsylvania CHAPTER 6 jeanette rodríguez 114 Latina Activists: Toward an Inclusive Spirituality of Being in the World CONTENTS 00-T1918-FM 11/19/2001 11:07 AM Page vii viii A READER IN LATINA FEMINIST THEOLOGY PART II U.S. LATINA FEMINIST THEOLOGICAL INSIGHT 131 CHAPTER 7 maría pilar aquino 133 Latina Feminist Theology: Central Features CHAPTER 8 daisy l. machado 161 The Unnamed Woman: Justice, Feminists, and the Undocumented Woman CHAPTER 9 carmen marie nanko 177 Justice Crosses the Border: The Preferential Option for the Poor in the United States CHAPTER 10 nora o. lozano-díaz 204 Ignored Virgin or Unaware Women: A Mexican-American Protestant Reflection on the Virgin of Guadalupe CHAPTER 11 gloria inés loya 217 Pathways to a Mestiza Feminist Theology CHAPTER 12 nancy pineda-madrid 241 Notes Toward a ChicanaFeminist Epistemology (and Why It Is Important for Latina Feminist Theologies) Selected Bibliography 267 Contributors 283 Index 287 00-T1918-FM 11/19/2001 11:07 AM Page viii ...


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