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Illustrations Following p. 72 Walter and D’Army Bailey Bailey’s Stand D. A. Bailey and Walter L. Bailey Sr. Mary Bailey Walter and Will Ella Bailey Lureana Robinson Nurse Will Ella Bailey Walter L. Bailey Sr. at a checkers tournament Railroad porter Walter L. Bailey Sr. Blair T. Hunt Nat D. Williams Booker T. Washington High School newspaper staff, 1959 D’Army as high school senior On break from college E. C. “Suge” Jones Southern University freshman class president D’Army Bailey Following p. 142 Downtown Baton Rouge S. H. Kress department store Reverend T. J. Jemison House and storefront on Swan Street Felton Grandison Clark Peaceful protestors Reverend B. Elton Cox upon his arrest Martin L. Harvey Anxious students outside auditor’s office Lincoln Hotel Johnny Jones D’Army Bailey, Thomas Peete, and Willie Bradford At Clark University From the 1963 Clark yearbook Baltimore police arresting civil rights protestors Allison Turaj James Meredith Worcester Student Movement members protesting Clark students counterpicketing x illustrations ...


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