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A Note on the Text The present edition of The Hasheesh Eater is based on the first edition published in 1857 by Harper Brothers of New York. It preserves the complete and unabridged text of the original as well as its spelling and punctuation. The table of contents of the first edition consists of a Preface, an Introduction, and twenty-five numbered chapters followed by an unnumbered section titled “Notes on the Way Upward.” This final section is composed of two essays under the subheadings “Labyrinths and Guiding Threads” and “Ideal Men and Their Stimulants.” The original edition concludes with an Appendix not listed in the table of contents made up of two notes that refer to specific pages in the text. Nowhere does Fitz Hugh Ludlow directly address the structure of the book, but it can be inferred from the table of contents that the “Notes on the Way Upward” section was to be viewed as distinct but related to the main body of The Hasheesh Eater. The manifestly essayistic quality of these sections further supports this inference. For the sake of accuracy, the present edition retains the structure and headings of the first edition, leaving these sections unnumbered. The Appendix, however, has been added to the table of contents of the present edition and has been slightly altered so that the page numbers to which it refers correspond to those of this edition. 000 FM (i-xl) 4/26/06 10:27 AM Page xxxix 000 FM (i-xl) 4/26/06 10:27 AM Page xl ...


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