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Acknowledgments For the preparation of this text, I would like to acknowledge the assistance of the series editor, Brad Verter. Without his encouragement and excellent advice this book would never have seen the light of day. The work of two independent scholars, Donald P. Dulchinos and David Gross, has been especially useful in tracking down virtually any and all materials concerning Fitz Hugh Ludlow. The staff of the Michigan State University Libraries system, especially those in Interlibrary Services, was indispensable to my research. I would also like to thank Joanna Levin for long ago sending me photocopies of hard-to-find Ludlow articles in The Golden Era. My conversations with my colleagues and students at Michigan State, especially Scott Michaelsen and Peter Ford, have proved most helpful. At Rutgers University Press, I would like to thank Ann Fabian for her abiding faith in me and Kendra Boileau for her patience and help with the preparation of the manuscript. Finally, I would like to thank my wife, Anne-Marie, for all her love, interest, support, and patience in allowing me to see this project through to completion. I dedicate this book to her. 000 FM (i-xl) 4/26/06 10:27 AM Page vii 000 FM (i-xl) 4/26/06 10:27 AM Page viii ...


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