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Contents Acknowledgments ix Part I. Dynamics of Alliances and Inter-Arab Politics 1. Regime Security, Alliances, and Inter-Arab Politics 3 2. Security Dilemmas in Arab Politics 23 3. Ideology and Political Economy in Inter-Arab Alliances 43 4. The Case Studies and Jordanian Policy in Context 61 Part II. Arab Alliances and Jordanian Foreign Policy under King Hussein 5. Jordan and the October War Coalition 71 6. The Jordanian Alliance with Syria 84 7. The Jordanian Alliance with Iraq 98 8. Jordan and the Arab Cooperation Council 113 9. Jordan and the First U.S.-Iraq War 127 10.Beyond Arab Alliances? Jordan’s Peace with Israel 145 Part III. Arab Alliances and Jordanian Foreign Policy under King Abdullah II 11. Ending the Jordanian-Syrian Cold War 167 12.Jordan and the Second U.S.-Iraq War 184 13.Regime Security and Shifting Arab Alliances 204 Notes 211 Bibliography 239 Index 259 ...


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