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Contents Dedication ----------------------------------------------------------------------iii Acknowledgements ---------------------------------------------------------------------vii Chapter One Njia Panda: Kenyan Theatre in Search of Identity ------- 1 Mshaï S. Mwangola Chapter Two From Intellectual Space(s) to Performance Space(s): Strategies of Speaking ‘Truth to Power’ in Bole Butake’s drama----------------------------- 25 Christopher Odhiambo Joseph Chapter Three Sigana and the Fight for Performance Space in Kenya: A case for Indigenous Theatre in Kenya ------- 45 Amadi kwaa Atsiaya Chapter Four Fabricating Nationhood: Sigana (Narrative) as Theatre in Post-colonial Kenya ------------------------ 57 George Odera Outa Chapter Five Radio Theatre: Interrogating the Developmental Narratives of Radio Drama in Kenya ------------------- 82 Dina Ligaga Chapter Six The Task of the African Translator------------------------ 97 Mukoma Wa Ngugi Chapter Seven African Languages as Key to African Identity -------111 Mwenda Mukuthuria Chapter Eight Kiswahili: The Language of National and Regional Integration -----------------------------------------------------122 Kimani Njogu Chapter Nine Politics as Performance: Disposession, Elite Transition and the Performative Exercise of Power---------------------------------------------148 Kiama Kaara & Amadi kwaa Atsiaya Getting Heard v vi (Re)claiming Performance Space in Kenya Chapter Ten A Kenyan Intro: Identity Politics in the Performances of a Kenyan Popular Music Band -----164 Tom Michael Mboya & Iddah Wandolo Chapter Eleven Mungiki: The Fourth Estate and Kenya’s Public Enemy No. 1 ----------------------------- 175 Kibe Mungai List of Contributors ------------------------------------------------------------------192 ...


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