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Appendix A Portland Town Words and Music by Steve Romanoff Chorus: I see the light not far away, And I hear music all around, I’m gettin’ close to Portland Town, So, Mother, won’t you make my bed, I see the light of Portland Head, I see the light, I’m comin’ ’round, I’m comin’ home to Portland Town. Some years ago, out on my own, I set a course for parts unknown, Leavin’ behind both friend and foe, Needin’ to find what I’ve come to know, As I watched the islands fade away, And bid farewell to Casco Bay, Though it’s been years and years since then, My heart has brought me home again. Of all the places I could go, She’s still the fairest port I know, She works the sea and tills the farms, And holds her children in her arms, No place could know a prouder past, Here comes the future full at last, 196 Appendix A Here comes that beacon ’cross the sky, And when I hold my head up high . . . Copyright 1979 Steve Romanoff and Outer Green Records/Schooner Fare 304 Foreside Road Falmouth, Maine 04105 USA ...