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Notes Abbreviations AA Alexandria Advertiser ADA Alexandria Daily Advertiser AF American Farmer AG Alexandria Gazette AH Alexandria Herald AL Abraham Lincoln ALSC Alexandria Library Special Collections AMM Alexandria Monthly Meeting ASP American State Papers BH Benjamin Hallowell BMS Baltimore Meeting for Sufferings BSV Baltimore Saturday Visiter BYM Baltimore Yearly Meeting BYMWF Baltimore Yearly Meeting Women Friends CCHS Chester County Historical Society CMM Crooked Run Monthly Meeting CVSP Calendar of Virginia State Papers DNI Daily National Intelligencer ECQC Earlham College Quaker Collection FAPF Friends’ Association of Philadelphia for the Aid and Elevation of the Freedmen FHL Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College FI Friends’ Intelligencer FMM Fairfax Monthly Meeting FMMWF Fairfax Monthly Meeting Women Friends FQM Fairfax Quarterly Meeting FR Federal Republican GL Genius of Liberty GMM Goose Creek Monthly Meeting GUE Genius of Universal Emancipation GW George Washington HCQC Haverford College Quaker Collection HF Hopewell Friends HJRA Horticulturist and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste HMM Hopewell Monthly Meeting HMMWF Hopewell Monthly Meeting Women Friends HRL Handley Regional Library, Winchester, Virginia HSP Historical Society of Pennsylvania IHS Indiana Historical Society LC Library of Congress LV Library of Virginia MHR Maryland Hall of Records NCPEUS National Convention for the Promotion of Education in the United States NE National Era NEYM New England Yearly Meeting NI National Intelligencer NWR Niles Weekly Register NYT New York Times PAS Pennsylvania Abolition Society PF Pennsylvania Freeman PMS Philadelphia Meeting for Sufferings PYM Philadelphia Yearly Meeting RW Richmond Whig SCB Sanitary Commission Bulletin SEP Saturday Evening Post SMJ Samuel M. Janney SP Southern Planter TBL Thomas Balch Library TF The Friend TL The Liberator UV University of Virginia VC Virginia Centinel VCC Virginia Constitutional Convention (1864) VG Virginia Gazette VHS Virginia Historical Society VMHB Virginia Magazine of History and Biography VS Virginia Sentinel VYM Virginia Yearly Meeting WFQM Warrington and Fairfax Quarterly Meeting Prologue: Quakers Living in the Lion’s Mouth 1. SMJ to Isaac T. Hopper, December 15, 1844, in SMJ, Memoirs, 88. 2. Account of SMJ’s arrest based on SMJ, Memoirs, 97–106; John Janney to SMJ, September 28, 1849, February 25, 1850; and SMJ to Phineas Janney, March 14, June 16, 1850, SMJ Manuscripts, FHL. See also Hickin, “Antislavery in Virginia”; Hickin, “Gentle Agitator ,” 183–86; and Eaton, Freedom-of-Thought, 135–37. 3. BH, Autobiography, 275. 280 · Notes to Pages 1–4 4. “Letter from Lydia Wierman,” PF, November 20, 1845 (my thanks to Deborah Lee for this citation). Chapter 1. Friends Come to Northern Virginia 1. Fothergill to Mary Pemberton, December 4, 1754, and Fothergill to Susanna Fothergill , December 13, 1754, in Crosfield, ed., Memoirs, 164, 166; Catherine Phillips, Memoirs, 101. 2. For accounts of the rise of the Society of Friends in England, see Barbour, Quakers in Puritan England; Ingle, First among Friends; Bacon, Quiet Rebels, 9–24. On English religious movements during the 1640s and 1650s, see Hill, World Turned Upside Down. 3. Hening, ed., Statutes, 1: 532–33; 2: 48, 49–51, 165–66, 180–83, 246–47. Worrall, Friendly Virginians, 1–66; Horn, Adapting, 56–57, 394–99; Weeks, Southern Quakers, 7–8, 13–49; Rufus Jones, Quakers in American Colonies, 265–95, 306–307, 317–19, 334–38; Carroll , “Quakerism on the Eastern Shore,” 170–89; and Carroll, ed., “Robert Pleasants,” 3–16. 4. McIlwaine, ed., Journal of House of Burgesses, 2: 431, 433; 3: 78–79; 6: 9, 268; Hening, Statutes, 3: 171, 298; 5: 16–17. On Friends and the Anglican Church, see John K. Nelson, Blessed Company, 281–83. 5. Gragg, Migration, 29, 30, 41; Fawcett, “Quaker Migration,” 102–108; Mitchell, Commercialism and Frontier, 149–50; Hofstra, Planting of New Virginia, 81–84; Hofstra, “‘Extention of His Majesties Dominions’”; and McIlwaine, Hall, and Hillman, eds., Executive Journals, 3: 549–50. On competency, see Vickers, “Competency and Competition.” 6. HF, Hopewell Friends History, 12–16; McIlwaine, Hall, and Hillman, Executive Journals , 4: 229, 347; and Hofstra, Planting of New Virginia, 29–31, 100–102. 7. Gertrude E. Gray, comp., Virginia Northern Neck, 1: 131, 139, 140, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147; 2: 1, 3, 4, 5, 9. Worrall, Friendly Virginians, 131–32; Janney and Janney, Ye Meetg Hous Smal, 6–12 (although these sources report different totals for Janney’s land purchases). 8. Levy, “‘Tender Plants,’” 240–65; and Levy, Quakers and the American Family, 58–61, 81–82, 127–37, 236–48 (quotation 241). 9. VG, November 17, 24, 1738. See also “Quakers’ Petition.” John K. Nelson, Blessed Company, 283, 286...


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