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v Contents Foreword Louis Emmerij, Richard Jolly, and Thomas G. Weiss vii Acknowledgments xi List of Abbreviations xiii Introduction 1 1 The UN Trade and Development Debates of the s  2 The UN Recruits Economists  3 Michal Kalecki, the World Economic Report, and McCarthyism  4 From Full Employment to Economic Development  5 The Early Terms-of-Trade Controversy  6 ECLA, Industralization, and Inflation  7 Competitive Coexistence and the Politics of Modernization  8 The Birth of UNCTAD  9 UNCTAD under Raúl Prebisch: Success or Failure?  10 World Monetary Problems and the Challenge of Commodities  11 The Conservative Counterrevolution of the s  12 What Lessons for the Future?  Appendix: List of Archival Sources  Notes  Index  About the Authors  About the UN Intellectual History Project  ...


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