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Ideologies of Hispanism Edited by Mabel Moraña Ideologies of Hispanism Mabel Moraña Editor Vanderbilt HISPANIC STUDIES / LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES Contributors Idelber Avelar Anthony J. Cascardi Román de la Campa Brad Epps Sebastiaan Faber Lydia Fossa Thomas Harrington Ideologies of Hispanism Edited by Mabel Moraña Bringing together contributions from top specialists in Hispanic studies —both Peninsular and Latin American—this volume explores a variety of critical issues related to the historical, political, and ideological configuration of the field. Dealing with Hispanism in both Latin America and the United States, the book’s multidisciplinary essays range from historical studies of the hegemonic status of Castillian language in Spain and America to the analysis of otherness and the uses of memory and oblivion in various nationalist discourses on both sides of the Atlantic. Mabel Moraña is a professor in the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures at the University of Pittsburgh and the director of publications for Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana. Vanderbilt University Press Nashville, Tennessee 37235 Hispanic Issues • Volume 30 in the Series Nicholas Spadaccini, Editor in Chief Sylvia Molloy Mabel Moraña Alberto Moreiras Joan Ramon Resina Nicholas Shumway Nicholas Spadaccini Ignacio M. Sánchez-Prado ISBN 0-8265-1472-3 ™xHSKIMGy514721z Cover Design by Gary Gore Ideologies of Hispanism *MoranaFinalPages.indd 1 12/1/04 7:12:43 PM *MoranaFinalPages.indd 2 12/1/04 7:12:43 PM hispanic issues • volume 30 Ideologies of Hispanism Mabel Moraña editor Vanderbilt University Press nashville, tennessee 2005 *MoranaFinalPages.indd 3 12/1/04 7:12:43 PM © 2005 Vanderbilt University Press All rights reserved First Edition 2005 This book is printed on acid-free paper. Manufactured in the United States of America The editors gratefully acknowledge assistance from the College of Liberal Arts and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies at the University of Minnesota. The complete list of volumes in the Hispanic Issues series begins on page 335. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Ideologies of Hispanism / Mabel Moraña. — 1st ed. p. cm. — (Hispanic issues ; v. 30) Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-8265-1471-5 (cloth : alk. paper) ISBN 0-8265-1472-3 (pbk. : alk. paper) 1. Civilization, Hispanic. I. Moraña, Mabel. II. Hispanic issues; 30. CB226.I345 2005 305.868—dc22 2004022806 *MoranaFinalPages.indd 4 12/1/04 7:12:43 PM hispanic issues Nicholas Spadaccini Editor in Chief Antonio Ramos-Gascón and Jenaro Talens General Editors Luis A. Ramos-García, Nelsy Echávez-Solano, and Gwendolyn Barnes-Karol, Associate Editors Luis Martín-Estudillo Assistant Editor *Advisory Board/Editorial Board Rolena Adorno (Yale University) David Castillo (University of Oregon) Jaime Concha (University of California, San Diego) Tom Conley (Harvard University) Patrick H. Dust (Carleton College) Eduardo Forastieri-Braschi (Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras) David W. Foster (Arizona State University) Edward Friedman (Vanderbilt University) Wlad Godzich (University of California, Santa Cruz) *Carol A. Klee (University of Minnesota) Antonio Gómez-Moriana (Université de Montréal) Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht (Stanford University) Javier Herrero (University of Virginia) *René Jara (University of Minnesota) Susan Kirkpatrick (University of California, San Diego) Eukene Lacarra Lanz (Universidad del País Vasco) Tom Lewis (University of Iowa) Jorge Lozano (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) Walter D. Mignolo (Duke University) *Louise Mirrer (City University of New York) Alberto Moreiras (Duke University) Michael Nerlich (Technische Universität Berlin) Iris M. Zavala (UNESCO, Barcelona) Santos Zunzunegui (Universidad del País Vasco) *MoranaFinalPages.indd 5 12/1/04 7:12:43 PM *MoranaFinalPages.indd 6 12/1/04 7:12:43 PM ...


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