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Acknowledgments I thank Kevin Crisman for his generous support throughout this project and his advice on its development and organization. Regarding the historical scope of this book, I thank James Bradford for inspiring my interdisciplinary approach to history and archaeology. Cemal Pulak and Filipe Castro provided valuable advice as well. This book would not exist without the help and contribution of John McManamon , who not only accompanied me to Malta in the first season of my fieldwork but also through his continued interest has been a great colleague with whom to discuss my research. He undertook the huge task of reading and editing this manuscript prior to publication. His comments, ideas, and vast knowledge of Mediterranean history in general, and Maltese history in particular, helped me to craft a better book. Brett Phaneuf proposed the idea of conducting an archaeological survey in Malta and chose me to direct the project. Without the technical help he provided, the financial support he arranged, and his intellectual input into project design and execution, none of this would also have been possible. My research in Malta would also have been impossible without the archaeological permits provided by Anthony Pace, the director of the National Museum of Archaeology (NMA) in Valletta, Malta. I am also indebted to museum curators Nathaniel Cutajar, Reuben Grima, Rodriguez Espinoza, and George Azzopardi for providing access to the museum facilities, collections, and archives . I also would like to thank Joseph Muscat, Father Eugene Teuma, and Nicholas Vella for helping my archaeological and historical research in Malta and the members of my archaeological survey team for joining me in the field: Timothy Gambin, Edmond Cardona, Michael Spiteri, Joseph Bianco, Godwin Borg, Joanne Mallia, Elaine Azzopardi, Vanessa Ciantar, Elizabeth de Gaetano, Christopher Longstaff, and Christopher Faine. Fredrik Soreide and Thor Olav Sperre both sacrificed their vacations to make the ROV equipment available for the most important phases of the project. Special thanks to Promare Inc. for their financial support in the preparation of this manuscript for publication at a critical juncture, and to my indexer, Robert Richardson, for his excellent work. My greatest supporters have been my parents, Sevil and Akın Atauz, who have always believed in me and done all that they could to make it possible for me to accomplish my goals in life. ...


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