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Figures 1.1. Phoenician settlements of Malta and Gozo 9 1.2. Wind and current patterns in the Mediterranean Sea 12 1.3. Prevalent local winds in the Mediterranean 13 1.4. Major Phoenician cities and colonies in the Mediterranean 15 1.5. Major Phoenician settlements and colonies in the western Mediterranean in relation to summer winds and currents 16 1.6. Locations of terrestrial sites in Malta through the Roman era 22 1.7. Locations of underwater remains around Malta 26 2.1. Map of Mediterranean Sea by Ibn Hawqal 40 3.1. Distribution of European commanderies of the Order of Saint John 80 A.1. Map of the harbor area around Valletta 187 A.2. Map of Maltese Archipelago showing major modern settlements 188 A.3. Locations of ROV survey areas of the 2001 season in Gozo 190 A.4. Amphora types represented at the Xlendi site 191 A.5. Location of excavation squares at the Quarantine Hospital 193 C.1. Rigging profile for San Giovanni Battista 200 ...


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