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323 Endnotes PREFACE 1 Richard F. Selcer, Hell’s Half Acre: The Life and Le gend of a RedLight District (Fort Worth: Texas Christian University Press, 1991), 318, endnote 8. 2 Charles A. Siringo, A Cowboy Detective: A True Story of Twenty-two Years with a World-Famous Detective Agency (1912; repr., Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1988), 351, 355. 3 Harvey Logan Papers, Small Collection 2063, Montana Historical Society Archives, in John A. Lamb, “Harvey Logan’s Lost Journal,” True West, October 1994, 20. 4 Facsimile of inquest into the death of James Winters, in Shirley Gillespie , Goin’ to ‘Dusky (Chandler, AZ: Two Dogs Publishing, 2007), 116. 5 Robert West Howard, ed., The Westerners Chicago Corral, This is the West (New York: Rand McNally & Co., 1957), 122. 6 James D. Horan, The Great American West (New York: Crown Publishers , 1978), 237. 7 Knoxville Journal and Tribune, December 17, 1901, in Sylvia L ynch, Harvey Logan in Knoxville (College Station, TX: Creative Publishing, 1998), 62. 8 Richmond Democrat, November 20, 1879, in William A. Settle Jr ., Jesse James Was His Name: Or, Fact and Fiction Concerning the Careers of the Notorious James Brothers of Missouri (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1966), 105. CHAPTER 1 1 Bruce E. Logan Jr., “Kid Curry, A.K.A. Harvey Logan,” website, 1999; Jesse Cole Kenworth, Storms of Life: In Search of Kid Curry (Bozeman , MT: Self published, 1990), 12–14, 55. 2 Ibid., 12–13, 61. Earlier Kid Cur ry biographers did not fi nd much information on his ancestors. Bro wn Waller, Last of the Great Western 324 Endnotes to Chapter 1 Train Robbers (New York: A. S. Barnes and Co., 1968), 17–18, states that “Records in the state archi ves at Frankfort [Kentucky] disclose little on the family of Harvey Logan. But the Logans of Kentucky are many. They came from Ireland and settled in Virginia in early Colonial days, and were among the fi rst settlers in the wilder ness country of Kentucky, at that time a par t of Virginia.” He later sa ys, “The Logans of Rowan County were prominent people—lawyers, doctors, business men ...” Horan, Great American West, 230, says he received details of Kid Curry’s background from a family member who wished to remain anonymous. “Kid Curry came from an established Kentucky family that had links to the Lees of Virginia and produced Richard Merton Johnson, eighth vice-president of the United States. Johnson, a celebrated Kentucky lawyer, had been a cong ressman and senator for many years and a friend of Andrew Jackson. He served under Van Buren from 1838 to 1841.” 3 Jim Dullenty, “George Currie and the Cur ry Brothers,” NOLA Quarterly , October 1979, 4–5. Dullenty traced the Lo gan children’s ancestors through their grandmother to one William Crosthwait, married to an Ann B. After William’s death, she mar ried a Joseph Christy. Ann B. Christy died in 1786, lea ving a daughter also named Ann B. The latter married Jacob Powers and gave birth to Elizabeth Ray Powers, Harvey’s grandmother; Kenworth, Storms of Life, 13, 61; Logan, “Kid Curry.” 4 Kenworth, Storms of Lif e, 12–13, 17, 50, 61; Lo gan, “Kid Cur ry.” Waller, Last of the Great, 19, states that the mother’ s first name was Amanda. The Fleming County, Kentucky, census of 1850 sho ws an Amanda that appears to be an older sister of the Lo gan children’s mother, Eliza Jane. 5 Kenworth, Storms of Life, 13. 6 Ibid., 14, 17–18, 55, 61. By inter views and family records, Kenworth established that three girls bor n between the births of Hank and Har vey , in 1863, 1864, 1865, all died as babies or infants. Also, there were twin girls who, it is belie ved, died in childbir th in 1869 betw een the births of John and only surviving sister Arda. 7 Dullenty, “George Currie,” 5. Some writers spell Loranzo’ s name as Lorenzo ; however Kenworth, Storms of Life, 18, says baptismal records Endnotes to Chapter 1 325 show it as Loranzo. Also, that is the way it is spelled on his gravestone in Forest Hill Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri. 8 Gary A. Wilson, Tiger of the Wild Bunch: The Life and Death of Harvey “Kid Curry” Logan (Helena, MT: TwoDot, 2007), 2–4. The author worked with Sharon Moran, the grandniece of Lonie Logan, to record what little remains of family remembrances. 9 Kenworth, Storms of Life, 17. 10 Ibid., 13...


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