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Appendix II Chronology of 92nd Division in the Italian Campaign General Character of Operations, Almond Papers, Army Military History Institute, Carlisle, Pennsylvania In general, the operations of the 92nd Division were characterized as follows1 : From August 23 to Sep­ tem­ ber 9, 1944: operation of the 370th Regimental Combat Team (CT) in crossing the Arno River, harassing the withdrawal of the enemy and capturing Lucca. From Sep­ tem­ ber 10 to Oc­ to­ ber 4, 1944: operation of the 370th Regimental Combat Team in penetrating the defenses of the Gothic Line, capturing Bagni di Lucca, and following the withdrawal of the enemy north of San Marcello. On Oc­ to­ ber 5, 1944, headquarters, 92nd Infantry Division assumed control in the coastal area. From Oc­ to­ ber 6 to Oc­ to­ ber 12, 1944: limited object attack to seize Massa. Small advances were made but mission not accomplished. From Oc­ to­ ber 13 to No­ vem­ ber 15, 1944: operation on a broad front to cause maxi­ mum discomfort to the enemy by continued patrolling and harassing actions. From Oc­ to­ ber 16 to Oc­ to­ ber 19, 1944: operation on a broad front by harassing and patrolling. The 366th Infantry Regiment was attached on No­ vem­ ber 28. The 365th Regimental CT was detached and attached to the 88th Division. From De­ cem­ ber 26 to De­ cem­ ber 28, 1944: enemy attack in the Serchio Sector with four battalions. Attack penetrated positions forcing withdrawal of the 370th­ Infantry Regiment (minus one battalion). The 8th Indian Division (British)­ assumed command in the Serchio Valley on De­ cem­ ber 27, 1944. From De­ cem­ ber 27, 1944 to February 7, 1945: harassing, patrolling and in general inflicting as much damage as possible on the enemy. From February 8 to February 11, 1945: 92nd Division attacked in the coastal sector. Small advances were made but the mission was not accomplished. From February 12 to April 4, 1945: widening of sector; harassing, patrolling, and 164 / Appendix II preparing for spring offensive. The 473rd Infantry Regiment was attached on February 23, 1945. The 365th Infantry Regiment relieved on March 28, 1945; 442nd Infantry Regiment attached on March 25, 1945; 366th Infantry Regiment relieved division control on March 29. From April 5 to April 24, 1945: attack on 92nd in coastal sector. From April 24 to May 2, 1945: pursuit. Operational Highlights 92nd Infantry Division— Italian Campaigns (August 24, 1944– May 2, 1945) Preliminary August 24 to Oc­ to­ ber 5, 1944: 370 CT attached to 1st Armored Division under IV Corps. Participates in activities in connection with seizing and crossing Arno River; occupation of Lucca, Monticatini, and San Marcello; and penetration of Gothic Line. First enemy contact made on August 25 at 0915A. Oc­to­ber 1944 05 1800A—Major General E. M. Almond assumes command of Task Force 92nd (2nd Armored Group and 370th CT). 05 2000A—Field Order No. 1 announces limited objective. 06 0600A—Task Force 92nd attacks to northwest to seize Massa 12 The 2nd Armored Group seizes limited objective in left sector. The 370th makes slight gains, then enemy counter attack forces 370th back and attack of 06 is not successful. 13 Patrolling program begins. 19 1700A—Field Order No. 2 designates concentration areas for division units on the way. 22 The 370th occupies position on S slope of Mount Strettoia with one platoon reinforced 30 Road through Seravezza is opened for jeeps No­vem­ber 1944 03 The 371st Infantry relieves 370th Infantry. The 370th moves to Serchio sector. 04 1000A—Division sector extended to twenty-­ five Easting. The 370th disbanded as separate administrative or­ ga­ ni­ za­ tion, comes under division control , and assumes command in Serchio. Appendix II / 165 04 2000 A—Field Order No. 3 announces mission to hold maximum enemy forces in coastal area. Exert pressure and protect 5th Army left flank. 08 The 371st occupies Azzano, Basati, Terrinca, and Levigliani. 10 The 365th Infantry comes under division control and relieves 2nd Armored Group 13 All elements of 92nd Division committed. 16–19 The 370th attacks to seize Castelnuovo. Small advances are made, but mission is not accomplished. 28 The 366th Infantry Regiment attached to 92nd Division. De­cem­ber 1944 04 The 365th detached from the 92nd Division and attached to the 88th Division at Savazzo. 12 Infantry weapons shoots begin. 17 1200A—Field Order No. 4 announces attack to seize limited objectives. 22 Enemy offensive intentions in the Serchio Valley are indicated...


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