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Acknowledgments In my search for my father’s war over the past ten years, I have been indebted to many remarkable people. First, I want to thank my father, Eugene E. Johnston, for collaborating with me on this project. We spent endless hours recording oral history over many years. Regrettably he did not live to see the publication of this work, but he was able to review the transcripts of the interviews. Likewise, I wish to express my profound gratitude and admiration for my mother, Alta Ross Johnston . Sadly, she also did not live to see this book completed, but she would have been touched to relive so many moments described in these pages. To my amazing sister, Nancy Smith, and nieces, Jennifer and Patricia Smith, go my deepest thanks. This book would not have been possible without the members of the 92nd Infantry Division who have shared their stories with me, their his­ tori­ cal collections, and their friendship. I am especially indebted to Spencer Moore and A. William Perry, the historians of the 92nd Buffalo Association. Their unique collections are now housed in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress. I also wish to thank Charles Lancaster, Albert Burke, Joseph Stephenson, Joseph Hair­ ston, ­Leonidas Williams, Richard Salmon, Harold Montgomery, Harold Fletcher, Spurgeon Burruss, Richard Johnson, Willie Green, Kermit Hancock, Jehu Hunter, Susie Moore, Helen Montgomery, Ivan Houston, Gordon Cohn, Jo Perry, Ralph Brown, Edward Brooke, and the children of the 92nd: Marian John­son, Michael Moore, and Sharon Beckham. Tom Fergusson graciously shared the oral history of his grandfather General Ned Almond with me. I am deeply grateful to Elie and Marion Wiesel for their thoughtful reading of and commentary on the manuscript, their enduring friendship, and relentless encouragement . Wayne Flynt, my mentor since 1966 when I entered college, read draft after draft of this manuscript, and his keen editorial eye was invaluable. He is a truly gifted historian and teacher. Maggi Morehouse gave me access to her extensive archives and over one hundred interviews of Buffalo Soldiers. She offered xii / Acknowledgments insightful criticism of my manuscript. She is the daughter of a white officer of the 93rd Division, Lee Quarterman, the author of Fighting in the Jim Crow Army, and she was the first person to receive a PhD in African Diaspora Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. Thomas C. Childers gave me tremendous help on the book with his brilliant criticism. His own highly imaginative literary nonfiction on World War II inspired me to take the plunge. I still marvel at his skill and lyricism. We both attended Bradley High School in Cleveland, Tennessee, and although we took similar paths, we did not meet again until over forty years later. I only hope I was able to follow half of his wonderful suggestions. Leon Litwack, my mentor from Berkeley, beginning in 1970, has always inspired me with his groundbreaking scholarship and remains a cherished friend and colleague. I was so fortunate that he was working on his volume on African Ameri­cans during World War II during this time of my research and writing, and he generously shared his knowledge with me. I wish to extend my profound thanks to Patricia Perez-­Arce, Ed De Avila, and Jeffrey Kennedy. Patricia and Ed read numerous drafts of the manuscript. Along with Jeffrey, they traveled with me in retracing the steps of the Buffalo Soldiers in Italy. I am grateful to James McBride, a gifted writer, for Song Yet Sung and The Color of Water, for his work on the 92nd, Miracle at St. Anna, and for his friendship . I also want to thank Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who sponsored the event in the Capitol Rotunda commemorating the sixtieth anniversary of the integration of the military in the United States. I am grateful to John Lawrence, the Speaker’s chief of staff, who greatly assisted in this venture. He has been a dear friend from the time we were graduate students together at Berkeley. I wish to thank the following people who contributed greatly to this project : Jared Stark, who provided brilliant criticism; Jewel Spears Brooker; Margo and Rodney Fitzgerald; Nancy Wood; Catherine Griggs; Linda Lucas; John Hope Franklin; Henry Nash Smith; Lawrence Levine; Mara Soudakoff; ­ Santiago Nunez; Claire Bell; Judith Green; David Woods; Christine Payne; John Galloway; Jim Goetsch; Constantina Rhodes; John McNeilly; Randy Browne; Katie Pfei­ ffer; Stephanie Wolfe; Vais Salikhov; Armando Solis; Bob England; Tiffany Boyd; Jimmy Nolan; Beth Zeeman; Paul Stern...


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