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i ’ v e b e e n c o l l e c t i n g t h i s t o t e l l y o u m l i s a a m p l e m a n number 11 Wick Poetry Chapbook Series Four The Kent State University Press kent, ohio 44242 “In the old story of love and loss, Lisa Ampleman’s I’ve Been Collecting This to Tell You cuts to the core of the matter. Hearts are laid bare, dissected, even grown anew. Masterfully structured and alert to the most vital details, this collection has lots to tell us, and a voice at once authentic and lyrical.”—Don Bogen “In these poems, the beloved is a space the speaker moves through—at first with trepidation, then with gathering force—emerging finally into a hard-won world ravishing in its clarity under a brutally beautiful ‘sky pinking up/ like a newly healed limb.’ The poems of Lisa Ampleman’s collection don’t flinch, and the reward of their acute seeing is a song that’s sustenance itself.”—Kerri Webster “Lisa Ampleman’s subtle and beautifully wrought poems make way for the possibility that all is not ‘frenzy’ in this ‘agitated world.’ Although we might be ‘the walking wounded,’ and ‘like Thomas/ need the scars to believe,’ the poems assure us that we heal, that wholeness and grace await us.”—Eric Pankey “A prairie is plain, they say—those who have not stood in one. And so, too, is an ordinary heartbreak, until Lisa Ampleman begins to unfold it in these closely observed and quietly surprising poems. Salvation doesn’t live here, but there’s plenty to salvage in the wry, self-effacing metaphors by which she harvests what wisdom experience yields.”—Susan Tichy Lisa Ampleman is a Ph.D. student at the University of Cincinnati. Her poems have appeared in journals such as Cave Wall, Forklift, Massachusetts Review, and Notre Dame Review. She is a Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prize winner and 2011 Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship finalist. isbn 978-1-60635-110-9 ,!7IB6A6-dfbbaj! i ’ v e b e e n c o l l e c t i n g t h i s t o t e l l y o u Wick Poetry Chapbook Series Four Maggie Anderson, Editor How to Paint the Savior Dead Jason Gray The Space Between Stars Matt McBride Spotlit Girl Kevin Oberlin Tornado Ted Lardner Song of the Rest of Us Mindi Kirchner Salt Liz Tilton The List of Dangers Maggie Smith So, how was the war? Hugh Martin Tethering World Jody Rambo The Lonely-Wilds Elizabeth Breese I’ve Been Collecting This to Tell You Lisa Ampleman The Story You Tell Yourself Heather Kirn Lanier ...


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