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v List of Illustrations Maps 1. General Map of the Big Thicket Region, p. 6 2. Geological Formations (Cross Section), p. 13 3. Geological Formations (Surface), p. 14 4. Topographic Map of Longleaf Pinelands, p. 29 5. Topographic Map of Floodplains, p. 47 6. Terrace Levels in Jack Gore Baygall Area, p. 48 7. Big Thicket National Preserve, p. 74 8. Beaumont Unit and Lower Neches River Corridor Unit, p. 76 9. Beaumont Unit Topographic Map, p. 77 10. Beech Creek Unit, Canyonlands Unit and Upper Neches Corridor Unit, p. 80 11. Big Sandy Creek Unit and Menard Creek Corridor Unit, p. 81 12. Canyonlands Unit, p. 84 13. Hickory Creek Savannah and Turkey Creek Units, p. 85 14. Neches Bottom and Jack Gore Baygall Unit, p. 88 15. Lance Rosier Unit and Loblolly Unit, p. 93 Figures 1. Inter-Relationships of Big Thicket Plant Communities, p. xi 2. Successional Stages in Forest Development, p. 20 3. Evolution of Successional Lakes, p. 21 4. Theory of Pimple Mound Origin, p. 24 5. Distribution of Longleaf Pine Wetland and Upland Communities, p. 28 6. Stream Valley Cutting and Filling, p. 46 7. Classic Acid Bog Formation, p. 55 8. Mystery Holes, p. 99 Photographs 1. Natural Thicket (by Geraldine Watson), p. 3 2. Unnatural Thicket (by Geraldine Watson), p. 4 3. Encroachment on the Prairie (by Geraldine Watson), p. 25 4. Marysee Prairie (by Maxine Johnston), p. 26 5. Longleaf Pine Uplands (by Geraldine Watson), p. 27 6. Precribed Fire (by Geraldine Watson), p. 30 7. a. Pine Savannah (by Paul V. Roling), p. 38 b. Grass Pink Orchid (by Geraldine Watson), p. 39 c. Pitcher Plants (by Geraldine Watson), p. 40 8. Beech-Magnolia-Loblolly Pine (by Geraldine Watson), p. 41 9. Stages in River Development: a. Cutting (by Geraldine Watson), p. 49 b. At Grade (by Geraldine Watson), p. 50 c. Depositing (by Geraldine Watson), p. 51 10. Successional Stages in Lakes: a. Open Stage (by Geraldine Watson), p. 60 b. Grass Stage (by Geraldine Watson), p. 61 c. Baygall Stage (by Geraldine Watson), p. 62 11. Arid Sandyland (by Geraldine Watson), p. 63 12. Palmetto-Hardwood Flats (by Geraldine Watson), p. 68 13. Cypress-Tupelo Swamp (by Paul V. Roling), p. 75 14. Cypress Slough (by Geraldine Watson), p. 89 15. Blue Springs (by Geraldine Watson), p. 92 16. Turkey Creek (by Geraldine Watson), p. 102 17. Village Creek (by Geraldine Watson), p. 103 18. Round Lake (by Paul V. Roling), p. 110 19. Boulders at Base of Red Bluff (by Paul V. Roling), p. 111 20. Upper Pine Island Bayou (by Geraldine Watson), p. 114 vi List of Illustrations ...


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