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“Karen A. Winstead’s translation of Capgrave’s Life of Saint Katherine is extremely well done.The text is elegantly simple, nuanced, and serious in tone; graced as well with an excellent introduction and complete bibliography of Katherine materials, Winstead’s edition is sure to inspire students to pursue further studies in Middle English.” —Maura Nolan, University of California, Berkeley “Capgrave’s work deserves a larger audience than it currently has. The Life of Saint Katherine of Alexandria is a lively and amusing work that intersects with many aspects of late medieval culture and history: it addresses important questions related to gender, theology, pedagogy, family relations, religious institutions, and political power. I can envision many uses for Winstead’s translation in the contemporary college and university classroom.” —Theresa Coletti, University of Maryland The Life of Saint Katherine of Alexandria is a bold literary experiment that transforms the genre of the saint’s life by infusing it with conventions and techniques more often associated with chronicles, mystery plays, fabliaux, and romances. In John Capgrave’s hands, Katherine emerges as a sensitive and studious young woman torn between social responsibilities and personal desires. Her story unfolds in a vividly realized world of political turmoil and religious repression that, as Capgrave’s readers were bound to suspect, had everything to do with the England they inhabited and its recent past. Karen Winstead’s translation—the first into idiomatic modern English—brings to life Capgrave’s sharply drawn characters, compelling plot, and complex, unsettling moral.This volume also includes an appendix with two passages of Capgrave’s original Middle English and literal line-by-line translations into modern English, providing a valuable tool for teachers and students. Karen A. Winstead is professor of English at the Ohio State University. University of Notre Dame Press Notre Dame, IN 46556 t h e l i f e o f John Capgrave   translated by karen a. winstead Saint Katherine of Alexandria T h e L i f e o f S a i n t K a t h e r i n e o f A l e x a n d r i a Notre Dame Texts in Medieval Culture ...


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