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Checklist of Iowa Birds Species names and status information are from the "Official Checklist of Iowa Birds, 1991 Edition," by Thomas H. Kent and Carl J. Bendorf, Iowa Bird Life 61, no. 4 (Fall 1991), published by the Iowa Ornithologists' Union. Species names follow The AOU Check-list of North American Birds, 6th edition, 1983, and supplements through 1991. Family names and taxonomic order are from the ABA Checklist : Birds ofthe Continental United States and Canada, 4th edition, 1990. Species LOONS Red-throated Loon Pacific Loon Common Loon GREBES Pied-billed Grebe Homed Grebe Red-necked Grebe Eared Grebe Western Grebe Clark's Grebe PELICANS American White Pelican Brown Pelican Status casual casual regular regular regular regular regular regular accidental regular accidental Species Status Species Status CORMORANTS Ross's Goose regular Double-crested Cormorant regular Brant accidental Canada Goose regular DARTERS Wood Duck regular Anhinga accidental Green-winged Teal regular American Black Duck regular FRIGATEBIRDS Mallard regular Magnificent Frigatebird accidental Northern Pintail regular Blue-winged Teal regular BITTERNS AND HERONS Cinnamon Teal regular American Bittern regular Northern Shoveler regular Least Bittern regular Gadwall regular Great Blue Heron regular Eurasian Wigeon accidental Great Egret regular American Wigeon regular Snowy Egret regular Canvasback regular Little Blue Heron regular Redhead regular Tricolored Heron accidental Ring-necked Duck regular Cattle Egret regular Greater Scaup regular Green-backed Heron regular Lesser Scaup regular Black-crowned Night-Heron regular Common Eider accidental Yellow-crowned Night-Heron regular King Eider accidental Harlequin Duck accidental IBISES AND SPOONBILLS Oldsquaw regular Ibis species regular Black Scoter regular White-faced Ibis casual SurfScoter regular Roseate Spoonbill accidental White-winged Scoter regular Common Goldeneye regular STORKS Barrow's Goldeneye accidental Wood Stork accidental Bufflehead regular Hooded Merganser regular WHISTLING-DUCKS, SWANS, Common Merganser regular GEESE, AND DUCKS Red-breasted Merganser regular Tundra Swan regular Ruddy Duck regular Trumpeter Swan extirpated Mute Swan regular AMERICAN VULTURES Bean Goose accidental Black Vulture accidental Greater White-fronted Goose regular Turkey Vulture regular Snow Goose regular 168 CHECKLIST OF lOWA BIRDS Species Status Species Status KITES, HAWKS, EAGLES, AND ALLIES Sora regular Osprey regular Purple Gallinule accidental American Swallow-tailed Kite extirpated Common Moorhen regular Black-shouldered Kite accidental American Coot regular Mississippi Kite accidental Bald Eagle regular CRANES Northern Harrier regular Sandhill Crane regular Sharp-shinned Hawk regular Whooping Crane accidental Cooper's Hawk regular Northern Goshawk regular PLOVERS AND LAPWINGS Red-shouldered Hawk regular Black-bellied Plover regular Broad-winged Hawk regular Lesser Golden-Plover regular Swainson's Hawk regular Snowy Plover accidental Red-tailed Hawk regular Semipalmated Plover regular Ferruginous Hawk accidental Piping Plover regular Rough-legged Hawk regular Killdeer regular Golden Eagle regular STILTS AND AVOCETS CARACARAS AND FALCONS Black-necked Stilt accidental AmericanlCestrel regular American Avocet regular Merlin regular Peregrine Falcon regular SANDPIPERS, PHALAROPES, AND ALLIES Prairie Falcon regular Greater Yellowlegs regular Lesser Yellowlegs regular PARTRIDGES, GROUSE, TURKEYS, AND QUAIL Solitary Sandpiper regular Gray Partridge regular Willet regular Ring-necked Pheasant regular Spotted Sandpiper regular Ruffed Grouse regular Upland Sandpiper regular Greater Prairie-Chicken accidental Eskimo Curlew extirpated Sharp-tailed Grouse extirpated Whimbrel casual Wild Turkey regular Long-billed Curlew accidental Northern Bobwhite regular Hudsonian Godwit regular Marbled Godwit regular RAILS, GALLINULES, AND COOTS Ruddy Turnstone regular Yellow Rail regular Red lCnot casual Black Rail accidental Sanderling regular King Rail regular Semipalmated Sandpiper regular Virginia Rail regular Western Sandpiper regular CHECKLIST OF lOWA BIRDS 169 Species Status Species Status Least Sandpiper regular Ivory Gull accidental White-romped Sandpiper regular Caspian Tern regular Baird's Sandpiper regular Common Tern regular Pectoral Sandpiper regular Forster's Tern regular Sharp-tailed Sandpiper accidental Least Tern regular Dunlin regular Black Tern regular Curlew Sandpiper accidental Stilt Sandpiper regular AUKS, MURRES, AND PUFFINS Buff-breasted Sandpiper regular Thick-billed Murre accidental Ruff accidental Ancient Murrelet accidental Short-billed Dowitcher regular Long-billed Dowitcher regular PIGEONS AND DOVES Common Snipe regular Rock Dove regular American Woodcock regular Mourning Dove regular Wilson's Phalarope regular Passenger Pigeon extinct Red-necked Phalarope regular Red Phalarope accidental LORIES, PARAKEETS, MACAWS, AND PARROTS Carolina Parakeet extinct SKUAS, GULLS, TERNS, AND SKIMMERS PomarineJaeger accidental CUCKOOS, ROADRUNNERS, AND ANIS Parasitic Jaeger accidental Black-billed Cuckoo regular Long-tailed Jaeger accidental Yellow-billed Cuckoo regular Laughing Gull accidental Groove-billed Ani accidental Franklin's Gull regular Litde Gull accidental BARN OWLS Common Black-headed Gull accidental Barn Owl regular Bonaparte's Gull regular Mew Gull accidental TYPICAL OWLS Ring-billed Gull regular Eastern Screech-Owl regular California Gull accidental Great Horned Owl regular...


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