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Forever Amber Norma Cole I heard a real poet1 reading his work yesterday. Shattering. When I looked at it in the book, I saw that there were no line-breaks. Not broken, shattered. The sea captain tried to escape last night, but he was quickly captured by the pirates 1) off the coast of Somalia 2) in the Gulf of Aden Perfume overcomes the trigger, the trauma, the shattering. dream→Trauma der Traum As the man said, a little stimulation causes the line to break. Wraps around A tiny song: Man with umbrella in backpack So it won’t rain Nothing is reliable—look, my wrist doesn’t move, the lines break, are broken , no safety here/near (when my cane, its curve resting on the table edge, falls down—crash—no one starts, stares. I pick it up or will ) Shooting schedule: shots of shots: e.g. 1-second shots of shooting (guns) from familiar or unfamiliar western, adventure, period, dramatic, comedy etc. movies In blood we trust uncertain ground→coherence of vibration travelers’ reports→disruption other logics Cole | 63 Everything opens up. Pretending to read in order not to talk, moving from thought to thought to thought. The line? What about it? Your thoughts were elsewhere. Why stop with one? Have three. (melt away) I think I’ll stop here but then go on read “beer and sun” for “bees and sun” jingle of a bell on a bike thumbtack, its shadow on the wall the shattering—hear it ? 1. Raúl Zurita. ...


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