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C0NTENTS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS INTRODUCTION PARTON E: From Benevolent Force to National Misfortune: Fire's Contested Meanings in Rural Russia I. Fire as Gentle Cookery and Paradise: Peasants as Mistresses and Masters of Fire 2. Fire as Apocalypse or Pathology: Peasants as Victims or Vectors of Fire 3. Fire as Russia's Historical Evil: Peasants Dispossessed by Fire PART TWO: Letting Loose the Red Rooster: Arson in Rural Russia 4. The Fiery Brand, Russian Style: Arson as Protest, Peasants as Incendiaries 5. Arson as Impotent Spite or Potent Practice: Peasants as Vengeful, Covetous, or Wily Actors PART THREE: Mobilizing to Make Russia Modern: Insuring, Planning, Volunteering 6. Fire as Insurance Hazard: Peasants as Students of Prudence and Precaution 7. Fire Contained in the Planned Village: Peasants as Residents in a Disciplined Domestic Order 8. Fire as the Internal Enemy: Peasants as Volunteer Firefighters 9. Conclusion: Fire as an Imperial Legacy, Peasants as Partners in Progress NOTES REFERENCES INDEX Vll 3 13 101 108 129 179 204 275 VI MAPS 3.1 Total reported fires by province, 1863 3.2 Total reported fires by province, 1873 3.3 Total reported fires by province, 1883 3.4 Total reported fires by province, 1893 3.5 Population density in 1897 3.6 Fires per population in 1897 4.1 Percentage of reported fires attributed to arson, 1860s 4.2 Percentage of reported fires attributed to arson, 1870S 4.3 Percentage of reported fires attributed to arson, 1880s 4.4 Percentage of reported fires attributed to arson, 1890S 76 76 77 77 92 92 II2 II2 II3 II3 4.5 Percentage of reported fires attributed to arson, 1900-1904 II4 P Provinces where percentage of fires attributed to arson increased, 1888-1904 170 TABLES 3.1 Numbers of reported fires in European Russia, 1860-1904 3.2 Annual fire data for Borisogleb District, Tambov Province, 1879-1900 3.3 Reported causes of fires in European Russia, 1870-1909 77 3.4 Reported fires and losses in Ore! Province, 1888-1894 84 4.1 Ministry ofInterior statistics on arson in European Russia, 1870-1910 IIO P Numbers of places with 500 residents or more in arson-prone provinces, 1897 143 5.2 Reported fires and insurance claims in Viatka Province, 1886 156 5-3 Rates of arson in twelve provinces of European Russia, 1888-1909 169 6.1 Insurance rates for compulsory fire insurance, Saratov Province, 1903 195 7.1 Numbers ofAdamov roofs installed in Novgorod Province, 1888-1902 221 7.2 Frequency ofclay and straw roofs and extent of fires in Samara Province, 1891-1901 223 8.1 Zemstvo-required firefighting equipment, Novgorod Province, 1901 235 8.2 Zemstvo financial support for volunteer brigades after 1897 248 8.3 Numbers of village volunteer fire brigades in zemstvo provinces, 1903 249 8.4 Numbers of fires and structures burned per fire in rural Russia, 1890-1904 265 9.1 Numbers of fires per season outside town limits in European Russia ...


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