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Contents Preface xi Introduction: The Cowboy and the Flapper 1 1 Horse Trading: Duping the Buyer 4 Horses as Masculine Symbols / The Manly Art of Horse Trading / The Reputation of Horse Traders / The Horse Trading Business / Horse Trading as a Game / The Rules of the Game / Hiding Faults / Warranties 2 Retailing: Satisfying the Buyer 25 Manufactured Transportation: Carriages and Bicycles / Negotiated (Discriminatory) Prices / Single (Democratic) Prices / Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Cheerfully Refunded 3 Cars: Joining the New Marketplace 41 Coachmen to Chauffeurs: The Male Lineage / Cars in Stores / One Posted Price to All / One-Price by Law / Advertising List Prices 4 Used Cars: Undermining the New Marketplace 63 Origins / Trade-In Allowances and Over-Allowances / Controlling Over-Allowances / Cheating: “Buyers Are Liars”—And So Are Sellers 5 The Triumph of the Price Pack: Selling the Deal 88 Price Padding with the Pack / After-Sales Packing / The 1950s: “. . . for Thieves to Sell to Mental Defectives” / Advertising and Blitz Marketing / Posting a Price / The Great Warranty War 6 Bad Guys 115 The Car Seller’s Career: Nasty, Brutish, and Short / The Sales Game: Tactics / The Sales Game: Strategy / Car Dealers’ Reputation and Character 7 Bargaining and Gender 138 “The Great American Sport of Bargaining” / Brokers / Cars and Masculinity / Women as Buyers and Sellers Epilogue: Still Horse Trading in the Internet Age 164 The Dealer’s Cost / Make Me an Offer! Notes 175 Index 219 Illustrations follow page 114 x Contents ...


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