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Acknowledgments I wish to thank the many people who contributed to this project in various ways. First of all, I am grateful to Mary L. Morton, professor emerita at Nicholls State University, for her hours of labor and devotion at the beginning of this project. I would also like to thank Greg Osborn, Brenda Square, Rebecca Hankins, and my dear cousin Ulysses Ricard Jr., to whom this book is dedicated. The many hours I spent at the Amistad Research Center in New Orleans were guided and aided by archivists and staff employed there from 1992 to 1996. When Rick was archivist himself , he not only helped me locate hard-to-find materials but also shared with me documents from his private collection. In addition to aiding my research, Brenda, Rebecca, and Greg—as well as Wayne Coleman and Alvery Rodney—made me feel as though they were genuinely interested in the book. I want to thank several experts who gave graciously of their time to talk to me. To Florence Borders, archivist at Southern University in New Orleans and truly a walking library of Louisiana history, many thanks. I also spent hours with Mr. Charles B. Rousseve, now deceased, author of an indispensable book on the history of African-Americans in Louisiana. Published in 1937, his text is still a major source for historians. I will always treasure the time I spent with him. Thanks, too, to Mrs. Ora Lewis Martin, who years ago thought enough of my work to publish my very firstvolume. Conversations with her were both enlightening and encouraging . I am also grateful to Louisiana historian Mary White for furnishing me with valuableleads on obscure Creole material and for her invaluable help in tracking down information on my father's people, the Creole Kindlers and Moores. I always look forward to sharing her wisdom and herfigs. xi ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Many thanks to Lester Sullivan, archivist at Xavier University, for his gracious help to me in locating some of the beautiful photographs used in this text. Merci beaucoup to Michel Fabre, former director of the Universite de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, for lending his expertise to this project. Through the years both Professor Fabre and his wife, Professor Genevieve Fabre, have given me support and help in the various projects that I have undertaken on Creole culture. Furthermore, I am thankful to them for generating the international conferences which proved valuable to so many of us involved in research on the Creoles. I thank Professor Elizabeth Brown-Guillory of the University of Houston and Professor Anthony Barthelemy of the University of Miami, both of whom came to my rescue at the eleventh hour and offered advice and encouragement. And I have enormous gratitude for all of the contributing scholars, whose patience with the process and belief in the project made it possible. Special thanks to my niece, Lisa C. Moore, editor and publisher of RedBone Press, who took time from her important first publication, doesyour mama know? to help with the editing. It has been wonderful working with Sylvia Frank, acquisitions editor of LSU Press. Her patience and help made all the difference in the project's final stages. Much gratitude to editors Gerry Anders and Sara Anderson. Finally, I give undying gratitude to my spiritual great-aunt, Alice Ruth Moore, who has been at my side to ensure that this endeavorwould be completed. xii ...


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