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• • • • ac k n ow l e d g m e nts Three unforgettable mentors shoved me off into a vocation of natural history . Dr. Neil Douglas, Dr. R. Dale Thomas, and the late Dr. Tom Kee, biology professors at what was then known as Northeast Louisiana University , first had to teach me how much I didn’t know before they could inject me with an education proper. Their pedagogy emphasized taxonomy, be it of freshwater darters, adder’s tongue ferns, or flycatchers, and the “survival of the fittest” theory applied as well to their students. I can’t thank them enough. This book would not have been possible without the cheerful, persistent efforts of the reference librarians at the main branch of the Ouachita Parish Public Library. Their diligence in tracking down and procuring research materials throughout the United States is a credit to their profession . Rand Dotson, Lee Sioles, Catherine Kadair, and Kate Barton have made my experience with LSU Press nothing but positive. The high caliber of this publisher is a reflection of their quality of work. Likewise, freelance copyeditor Jane McGarry sanded the rough edges from my manuscript like the pro that she is. Finally, my wife Amy, a naturalist with mystical insights, provides me daily doses of inspirational nurturing. I stay near her too in hopes of absorbing some of her radiant creativity. ix This page intentionally left blank ­ Flora and ­ Fauna of the Civil War This page intentionally left blank ...


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