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A c k n o w l e d g m e n t s Many organizations and individuals have made this book possible. The Hellman Family Fund provided financial support at a time when I had only wrong ideas about where my research was going; I thank them for their confidence and their patience. The University of California provided crucial sabbatical support in the form of a Career Development Grant in 2000, a standard sabbatical in 2004, and a Humanities Research Fellowship in 2007. A Mellon Foundation Project Grant helped bring it all home by covering late-stage research and production costs. So many scholars have given freely of their time when there was so little of it to spare. Many thanks to all those who read portions of the manuscript, with special affection for those who did not do so gently (you know who you are): David Bates, Mathilde Bombart, Marshall Brown, Ross Chambers, Juliette Cherbuliez, Andrew Clark, Joan DeJean, Lynn Festa, Jody Greene, Dori Hale, Tim Hampton, Chloé Hogg, Vicky Kahn, Jeff Knapp, Jonathan Lamb, Josh Landy, Celeste Langan, Françoise Lavocat, Mark Ledbury, Ignacio Navarrete, Nigel Nicholson, Guillaume Peureux, Michael Saler, James Turner, Geoff Turnovsky, Dorothea Von Mücke, and a number of anonymous readers , including those of Penn Press. A number of research assistants provided prompt and invaluable help: Órlaith Creedon, Jonathan Haddad, Miranda Kershaw, Jonathan Repinecz, Anna Skrzypczynska, and Travis Wilds. Collen Hammon-Hogan did great work with his drafting pen. All my love to Becky Curry, who during the decade-long gestation of the project kept me sane, on track, and always looking forward. And Wyatt, whose gestation was so much more efficient and beautiful—well, I dedicate all this ancient history to you. ...


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