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1 1 When she knocked she did not remain planted in the doorway but withdrew to the side so that anyone coming to open would have to stick out their heads to see the visitor. Kunsona opened the door and went outside, and saw a woman leaning against their wall in a tight white gown and white headscarf. Against the pale twilight she looked like a ghost. But the child was not afraid. She went towards the woman and looked at her closely. “Who are you?” “Your mother.” “No. My mother left.” “She has come back. The bunch of keys, remember?” The little girl looked up at the ghostlike woman and discovered that her face resembled that of the woman she used to know as her mother. “Your father my husband, where is he?” “At work.” “Lead me in.” The little girl took the woman by the hand and led her in. “Why did you leave us?” “Shame. I was ashamed.” “Where did you go?” “The shrine at Tabessi. The priest washed me and sent me back to my husband and my daughter.” The little girl did not speak again but danced out and looked up the road leading to The Chariot Inquirer. ...


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