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Acknowledgments We are grateful t o Daniel Va n Dorn, who compiled thi s volum e an d mad e al l the maps and graphics using principally Atlas*GIS and Harvard Graphics computer packages. We would also like to thank Karen Pirhalla who typed the text and Heather Beach who assisted us with bibliographic work and the compilation o f the index. W e are also grateful t o a number of others who assisted us in data collection and with comments and suggestions. These individuals include Ramala Bas u o f th e U.S . Census Bureau ; Sau l Cohen , Hunte r College ; Marvi n Gordo n o f George Washingto n University ; Vanc e Grant o f th e National Cente r fo r Educatio n Research ; Barry A . Kosmi n o f th e Nationa l Surve y o f Religiou s Identification ; Jame s Rettig , Colleg e of William an d Mary; and Joseph Woo d and Jeremy Crampto n o f Georg e Mason University . We also thank ou r editor, Niko Pfund o f New Yor k University Press , for hi s comments an d encouragement. Many other individuals at government statistical agencies assisted us in tracking down their data. The Population Reference Bureau was very helpful in securing data on women and children , an d w e use d man y o f thei r publication s a s backgroun d material . Finally, we are also grateful to Wallace Andrews and Elaine Fonseca, geographer and educator, respectively, fo r thei r man y helpfu l comments . ix The Atlas of American Society ...


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