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Contents Preface ix 1 Introduction: Camouflage as the Key to the Poetry of Yehuda Amichai 1 2 Childhood in Wuerzburg: A Dubious Paradise 26 3 The Murky Mirror of Wuerzburg in Amichai’s Work 47 4 Hiding between the Languages: The German Mother Tongue in Amichai’s Universe 101 5 Growing Up in Palestine 151 6 “And the Migration of My Parents Has Not Subsided in Me” 160 7 The Love Story 191 8 The Literary Legacy of the Love Story: “Binyamina, 1947” and “We Loved Here” 209 9 The Lovers in the Public Garden 243 10 The Haifa Letters: The Making of an Israeli 267 11 The Making of a National Poet 290 12 Conclusion: Retrieving the Abandoned Landmarks 313 Appendix A: Texts of Poems Discussed in Their Entirety 325 Appendix B: Map of Wuerzburg and Legend 350 Notes 353 Select Bibliography 425 Index 435 Illustrations follow page 178 ...