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main characters The Bohemians, “a dozen” male philosophers and several women Bohemiennes: Bissot, a penniless ex-lawyer Tifarès, his younger brother, a cook Abbé Séchant, president and disciple of Abbé Séché, defends liberty as noninterference Abbé Séché, leader of the Economico-Naturalistlico-Monotonic sect, argues for natural law and natural right Lungiet, leader of the Despotico-Contradictorio-Paradoxico-Slanderist sect, nicknamed “Sérapion,” argues for theocracy and serfdom Mordanes, leader of the Communico-Luxurico-Knavistic sect, strategist and organizer of raids for sustenance and profit Voragine, governess of the troupe and expert stew-maker Félicité, Voragine’s daughter Donkey “Colin,” who carries unpublished manuscripts, a devotee of “Nothing-ism” “Reverend Father” Rose-Croix, a good fellow who travels as a Cordelier monk The Capuchins, sixty mendicant Franciscans on a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Avioth: father superior, custode, cook, novices The Carthusians, a proprietary order of monks at an abbey in Champagne : Dom Hachette the Procurator, Dom Coadjutor, Dom Prior The Pilgrim, ex-author, with his family of origin in Stenay: officer father, mother, stepmother, brothers Louis Joseph and Claude Agapith Catau des Arches—a widow in Boulogne, with her youngest daughter Mademoiselle des Arches; Miss Carabine, an English companion Bissoto de Guerreville, her ragpicker son-in-law in London, with his wife Nancy and brother This page intentionally left blank The Bohemians This page intentionally left blank . . . . ! Cupido mihi pacis ! at ille Qui me commorit, (melius non tangere, clamo) Flebit, et insignis totâ cantabitur urbe. Horat. Lib. Ii, sat. 1.* *“I who am a lover of peace! But if anyone irritates me (‘Better not touch me!’ I cry), he shall weep for it, and his name shall be a byword all through town” (Horace, Satires, II. i. 44–46). Pelleport’s punctuation. This page intentionally left blank ...


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