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Stalinism Revisited Edited by Vladimir Tismaneanu The Establishment of Communist Regimes in East-Central Europe Stalinism Revisited CYAN Stalinism Revisited Nick Miller Boise State University Stalinism Revisited Stalinism Revisited Constantin Iordachi Central European University, Budapest brings together representatives of multiple generations to create a rich examination of the study and practice of Stalinism. While the articles are uniformly excellent, the book’s signal contribution is to bring recent research from Eastern European scholars to an English-speaking audience. Thus the volume is not just a “state of the discipline” collection, in which articles are collected to reflect that current situation of scholarship in a given field; instead, this one includes cutting edge scholarship that will prompt more of the same from other scholars in other fields/subfields. I would recommend this book highly to anyone interested in understanding the technology of Stalinism in both thought and practice. The Sovietization of post-1945 East-Central Europe—marked by the forceful imposition of the Soviettype society in the region—was a process of massive socio-political and cultural transformation. Despite its paramount importance for understanding the nature of the communist regime and its legacy, the communist take-over in East Central European countries has remained largely underresearched . Two decades after the collapse of the communist system, brings together a remarkable international team of established and younger scholars, engaging them in a critical re-evaluation of the institutionalization of communist regimes in East-Central Europe and of the period of “high Stalinism.” Sovietization is approached not as a fully pre-determined, homogeneous, and monolithic transformation, but as a set of trans-national, multifaceted, and inter-related processes of large-scale institutional and ideological transfers, made up of multiple “takeovers” in various fields. Theoretically minded and empirically sound, the collection adds key elements to our comparative understanding of Stalinist regimes in their various historical permutations. The richness of the source material employed and its comparative scope recommend as a major, synthetic contribution to the study of East-Central Europe’s Sovietization. Vladimir Tismaneanu is professor of politics and director of the Center for the Study of Post-communist Societies at University of Maryland (College Park) and President of the Presidential Commission for theAnalysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania. Budapest–New York Sales and information Website: About the Editor Central European University Press : MAGENTA YELLOW BLACK Stalinism Revisited Stalinism Revisited The Establishment of Communist Regimes in East-Central Europe Edited by Vladimir Tismaneanu 9 7 8 9 6 3 9 7 7 6 6 3 0 ISBN 978-963-9776-63-0 Stalinism Revisited i3 Stalin book.indb 1 10/15/09 9:47:14 AM i3 Stalin book.indb 2 10/15/09 9:47:15 AM ...


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