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Acknowledgments Many peopl e hav e assiste d wit h th e writin g o f thi s boo k through their inspiration, thoughtful conversations , devoted research , or careful readin g of various drafts. The first inspiratio n came fro m Professo r Ruthan n Robson , wh o encourage d m e to develo p a "bisexua l jurisprudence"— a jurisprudenc e tha t eventually broadene d t o encompas s fa r mor e than bisexuality . Richard Delgad o an d Jea n Stefancic , editor s o f th e Critica l America series , als o serve d a s valuable inspiratio n b y offerin g to publish thi s work a t a very early stag e of production. Late r inspiration came from the courageous writings of Dean Gregory Howard William s an d Professo r Jud y Scales-Trent , wh o hav e described vividly how it feels to live across the color line. Professor Lind a Alcof f no t onl y share d he r experience s o f livin g between ethni c categorie s wit h other s bu t wa s graciou s enoug h to offe r m e encouragemen t whe n I spok e wit h he r abou t m y own project . Faculty at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, as well as th e student s i n m y classe s o n constitutiona l law , feminis t theory, an d disabilit y discrimination , hav e engage d i n man y lively conversations with me regarding these ideas as they developed . I n particular , I benefite d enormousl y fro m tw o facult y work-in-progress session s a t th e Schoo l o f La w an d a sympoix X Acknowledgments sium hel d a t Yal e La w School . Individua l facult y member s a t the Universit y o f Pittsburg h als o talke d extensivel y wit h m e about many of these ideas, including Jody Armour, Lisa Brush, Martha Chamallas , and Jules Lobel. My researc h assistant s wer e tireles s i n helpin g m e discove r wide-ranging material from the social sciences and law. Namita Luthra, Sharo n Noble , Debra Sherman , an d Collee n Za k hav e helped wit h nearl y ever y ide a containe d i n eac h chapter . I n addition, m y colleague , Berni e Hibbitt s assiste d m e i n finding valuable historica l materia l o n th e U.S . Census . Th e word processing staff a t the School of Law, under the supervision of LuAnn Driscoll, did a marvelous job of polishing the typing, as well a s proofreading a lengthy manuscript . Finally , the Schoo l of Law generously funded this research through summer writing grants an d extr a provisio n o f researc h assistant s i n a tim e o f fiscal austerity. I am very grateful . As for carefu l readin g o f numerou s drafts , n o on e deserve s higher prais e tha n m y edito r a t Ne w Yor k Universit y Press , Niko Pfund . Niko' s graciou s edits , sensitivity t o th e idea s un derlying my project, an d positive feedback enriche d this project enormously. I canno t imagin e a smoothe r an d mor e helpfu l editing process than the one offered t o me by New York University Press. And, o f course , m y famil y deserve s enormou s thank s fo r putting u p wit h th e tim e commitment s o f thi s project . T o m y four-year-old daughter , Car a Colker-Eybel , I than k yo u fo r your patience while mommy spen t so much time writing "tha t book." An d to Edward Eybel, my husband, I thank you for al l the hour s yo u kep t Car a awa y fro m m y compute r s o tha t I could write without to o muc h distraction . I should hav e mor e time to devote to the family now , that is, until I undertake th e next big project. ...


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