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Books in the Aquatic and Standing Water Plants of the Central Midwest Series by Robert H. Mohlenbrock Cyperaceae: Sedges Filicineae, Gymnospermae, and Other Monocots, Excluding Cyperaceae: Ferns, Conifers, and Other Monocots, Excluding Sedges Acanthaceae to Myricaceae: Water Willows to Wax Myrtles Nelumbonaceae to Vitaceae: Water Lotuses to Grapes Other Southern Illinois University Press Books by Robert H. Mohlenbrock Guide to the Vascular Flora of Illinois, revised and enlarged edition Distribution of Illinois Vascular Plants, with Douglas M. Ladd A Flora of Southern Illinois, with John W. Voigt In the Illustrated Flora of Illinois Series Ferns, 2nd edition Flowering Plants: Basswoods to Spurges Flowering Plants: Flowering Rush to Rushes Flowering Plants: Hollies to Loasas Flowering Plants: Lilies to Orchids Flowering Plants: Magnolias to Pitcher Plants Flowering Plants: Nightshades to Mistletoe Flowering Plants: Pokeweeds, Four-o’clocks, Carpetweeds, Cacti, Purslanes, Goosefoots, Pigweeds, and Pinks Flowering Plants: Smartweeds to Hazelnuts Flowering Plants: Willows to Mustards Grasses: Bromus to Paspalum, 2nd edition Grasses: Panicum to Danthonia, 2nd edition Sedges: Carex Sedges: Cyperus to Scleria, 2nd edition ...


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