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SELECTIONS AN D PREFATORY REMARK S Milton R. Konvitz RABBI AGU S wa s a n admire r o f th e Unite d State s an d a n arden t advocate o f Jewish participatio n i n al l facets o f American life . H e was , of course, no t unawar e o f the challeng e suc h participation pose d t o th e maintenance an d continuatio n o f Jewish communa l an d individua l life . Indeed, thi s challeng e wa s a lifelong practica l an d ideologica l preoccu pation fo r Agus. The followin g selections , chose n t o accompan y Milto n R . Konvitz ' essay "Jaco b Agus ' Ideolog y o f America n Judaism : America n Jew s o r Jewish Americans? " i n American Rabbi: The Life and Thought of JacobB. Agus (Ne w York , 1996) , ar e draw n fro m Jacob Agus ' The Jewish Quest (New York , 1983) ,1—10 ; Dialogue and Tradition: The Challenge of Contemporary Judeo-ChristianThought (New York , 1971) , 569-88 ; and Jewish Identity in an Age of Ideologies (New York, 1978) , 368-98. 283 ...


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