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SELECTIONS AN D PREFATORY REMARK S David Novak FROM 1941 , when h e publishe d hi s firs t book , Modern Philosophies of Judaism (originall y hi s Harvar d Ph.D . dissertation) , unti l th e en d o f hi s life, Jaco b Agu s continuall y wrestle d wit h an d reflecte d o n moder n Jewish though t i n all its many variations . The followin g selections , chose n t o accompan y Davi d Nova k s essay "Jacob B. Agus as a Student o f Modern Jewish Philosophy " i n American Rabbi: The Life and Thought of JacobB. Agus (Ne w York , 1996) , ar e drawn from Jacob Agus' Modern Philosophies of Judaism:A Study of Recent Jewish Philosophies of Religion (New York, 1941) , 325—51 ; and High Priest of Rebirth: The Life, Times and Thought of Abraham Isaac Kuk (Ne w York , 1972), 129—5 5 a n d 227—3 4 (originally publishe d i n 194 6 under th e titl e The Banner of Jerusalem). 1 2 1 ...


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