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SELECTORS DAVID R. BLUMENTHA L i s Jay and Leslie Cohen Professo r o f Judaic Studies at Emory University , Atlanta, Georgia . ELLIOT N . DORF F i s professo r o f philosoph y a t th e Universit y o f Judaism, Lo s Angeles, California . EUGENE J. FISHE R i s director o f the Secretaria t fo r Ecumenica l an d Interreligious Affair s o f the Nationa l Conferenc e o f Bishops, Washing ton , DC . NEIL GILLMA N i s Aaron Rabinowit z an d Simo n H . Rifkin d Associ ate Professo r o f Jewish philosoph y a t th e Jewish Theologica l Seminar y of America, Ne w Yor k City , New York . STEVEN T . KAT Z i s directo r o f th e Cente r fo r Jewis h Studie s an d professor o f religion a t Boston University . WILLIAM E . KAUFMA N i s rabb i o f Templ e Beth-El , Fal l River , Massachusetts. MILTON R . KONVIT Z i s professo r emeritu s a t Cornel l University , Ithaca, Ne w York . xi xii Selectors MARK LOE B i s rabbi of Congregation Bet h El, Baltimore, Maryland . DAVID NOVA K i s Professo r o f Jewish Studie s a t th e Universit y o f Toronto an d Vice President o f the Union fo r Traditiona l Judaism. MORDECAI WAXMA N i s rabbi o f Temple Israel , Grea t Neck , Ne w York. The Essential Agus ...


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