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From: Edge Effect

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Phlox Diffusa APoem for My Fiftieth Birthday Is it calm after midnight on its rocky slope, exactly fitted to its nice littlerubble? Easy to think it's a bedtime slipper of a flower, owning no boots. It lies flat on its back and looks at stars. "Undaunted by stern surroundings," MaryElizabethParsons says in TheWild Flowers ofCalifornia, 1907. Like the game pummeled seapalm on outer rocks in breakers the phlox spreads happy in its xeric meadow. The flowers completely hide the leaf cushion, the way a lot of enthusiams obscure the inner idiot. Actually clothe it, but wildly as a shopping spree. Charmed and usuallyolder hikerswant to lie right down beside it. Starlike, delicate. "The tiny crammed leaveslive in a pocket of calmpartly of their own making, and there they trap windblown particles that slowly become a nourishing soil." Taproots eight to fifteen feet. A throw pillow bolted to granite. Easy to think it's only three inches tall, until you think of that, think of that root. 6s ...