restricted access Lessons Learned from a Small Drawing by Victor Joseph Gatto, Self-Taught Artist

From: Edge Effect

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Lessons Learnedfrom a Small Drawing by VictorJoseph Gatto, Self-Taught Artist If you cannot make a living from yourart, double the art, double anypart (but not the whole) of the body of a woman, multiply eyes in every head. She'll never view you in a simple way. If you cannot make a living from your art, the freak is yours. Think of your lady's two heads on your shoulder. Make only what you cannot bear to part with. Because you will not make a living from your art. My poems are my age, X'd out on their hanging calendar, where the prettypicture is not mine—mine's the gargoylish deadline (I hold my pen wrong too). And while the populace readsmake-believe I swear to all truelanguage each pate'san equal citizen, willing to work. One will perform the chore in fact you hired her for if you just let her other wit (the one that's made of poetry) come along. 32 ...