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From: Edge Effect

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Justin McCarthy, Naive Pennsylvania 1892—1977 Tormented by grace, he had to scratch at it, leave the marks of his enthusiasm, his best imperfect penstroke. All to gain a keepsake of a yellow bathingsuit; of an iceskate as the season of pleasure changes. And especially one figure, her skin that doesn't belong in nature, her diaphanous pelt, her chiffon hide, as if she were 29 pasted into the golden shade of the pinewoods, where the deer, watching, redden the creek with their reflections. Though he inks-in her muffless pudenda, he forgets any mention of nipples. Yet he gives her the detailed face of longing, a face thinking it veils the longing it reveals. There is a reason the awkward artist can accomplish such a difficult thing— a reason the effect is not accident alone: Facility defaces longing. 3 0 / O N E : P O R T R A Y A L S Justin McCarthy, Naive / 3 i Longing is the one expression skill masks, polish ravages. ...