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From: Edge Effect

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Outsider: Juanita Rogers Except for when she's spirited away, she'll neverleave Alabama. Cohorts and tutelaries believed from the television line the one-room surrounding her womb a cottage abortion smoothed into a huge tumorous study of pregnancy. "Here": ispigment and mud. "Not here": Egypt, blue and clamshelled in her paints, her azurite exotic continent, nowhere that does not spice and whiff of the close range of pretending, a lapping coastline, rust and turquoise, diminishing in the outermost. Which, however, she pretends at once to live in too: "Way off somewhere . . . no houses on land only shells and rocks. In the shells are pearls." An early world. But no dawn. Dusk with white loafers. A lonely place. Shell mounds. Fish midden. Each shell as big as a loafer. 26 Outsider:Juanita Rogers / 27 Bubbles or steam or sanddollars. Chalky salt crust. Man powered with a pencil. She conducts steam's response to sun. Shore's to burnoose. Because if you keep your Unbelievable into adulthood maybe you will do something against sadness at its behest. In her ear a Mr. Stonefish says to paint. She does and doesn't end herself, the world at Egypt; she pretends, authenticating a sun of persimmon bridge-rust, night all around the sun. ...