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gratefully acknowledge those special individuals who have shared their interest in Michigan amphibians and reptiles with me.This book could not have been written without them.These people are Laura Abraczinskas, Kenneth Andrews, James Ball, Gary Casper, the late Roger Conant, Justin Congdon, Michele Costibile, Carl Doney, John Douglass, Carl Ernst, James Farlow, Lesley Fay, Bill Flanagan, James Fowler,Whitfield Gibbons, James Gillingham, the late Dirk Gringhuis, Lisa Hallock, James Harding, the late Max Hensley, Paula Hildebrandt, Arnold Kluge,Yu Man Lee, Barbara Lundrigan, David A. Mifsud, Peter Ocello, the late Sherman Minton, Dean Premo, Karel Rogers, John Rowe, Lori Sargent, Greg Schneider, the late Phillip Smith, CraigWeatherby, PeterWilson, and the late VincentWilson. xvii I Acknowledgments ...